Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview Prayer

Loving Heavenly Father,

You know all my worries and fears regarding this interview! You are a
most loving heavenly Father and You understand my innermost feelings!

Yes Lord! I am so nervous thinking about the outcome of this interview.
You know my limitations Lord, but Your word says that Your strength is
enough in our times of weakness. I admit that I have no wisdom or
knowledge of my own. But I have confidence that I can do every thing
through Christ who strengthens me. I do not know what is in store for
me but I know that my future is in the hands of Lord of Lords, Who has
made me. So Lord be with me and help me to find grace in the sight of
the concerned authorities. I need not be afraid of men because I have
the Lord Almighty beside me. Please go before me and let me answer the
questions boldly and intelligently. Please remove all the unwanted
fears and worries and fill me with courage. Let me never be put in

I thank You Lord for listening to my supplications and filling me with Your peace. In Jesus' name I pray.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning Sickness

This morning around 10:30AM was my first morning sickness. I was hoping that I won't have it as I am already now in the 7th week of my pregnancy. I went to the doctor last Tuesday and the nurse said that I gained 1 lbs and 6 oz. I actually thought I gained more than that hehe. Aside from morning sickness, I am always constipated waaahhh! and I am very picky in eating foods :( and my smelling powers is getting more sensitive lol!

My arm is still sore as I had Td shot last Tuesday :( I can't lift my arm yesterday and until now but I feel much better now than yesterday. It always make me smile everytime I think of I am pregnant, that there is a baby in my belly and I can't wait to hold our baby in my hands soon :) I am loving pregnancy as of now inspite of the weird changes in me hehe.

I get myself busy nowadays by reading articles about pregnancy and baby stuff, thinking of baby names and canvassing for pregnancy clothes and baby stuff. YAY! I can't believe that I am gonna be a mother soon!!! :D