Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crib Bedding, webcam and eyeglass

I was happy the whole day yesterday as all the things (webcam and crib bedding) that I ordered online was delivered and I got the eyeglass that I have been waiting for.

My husband and I was so satisfied with the 12pc crib bedding set that we ordered. We bought it in reasonable price plus it was delivered lightning fast hehe. I am sooo happy and excited for our baby :) Here is the pic of the bedding that we ordered.

I am also glad that the 20megapixel webcam that we ordered online came in the mailbox yesterday. The old webcam that we had won't work anymore so we had to buy another one so that my family in the Philippines would see our future baby live on cam. I was able to get my new eyeglass yesterday too and at last! I was able to say bye bye to my old eyeglass hehe. Oh! what a happy day yesterday :D (I know, I know, I am so easy to please LOL!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


One night, my husband and I had talked about moving to a different state. I suggested New Jersey because I heard that there are lots of Filipinos who live there. I also told him that if we would move, I would want our house to be close to public transportation, dining, shopping centers, hotels, banks, recreation, golf courses and to retail establishments.We then decided to browse the internet under New Jersey Real Estate. We then found BRUCE GERMINSKY REALTOR.

BRUCE GERMINSKY REALTOR has commercial, retail and high-end residential real estate in Monmouth County. They also offer Professional & Medical Class A office space. My husband and I were interested in their oceanfront luxury condos, waterfront homes, etc. for an option in buying a home. My husband was also interested in the commercial real estate aspect due to the fact he would also need office space for work.

Tomorrow, our plan (hubby and I) is to contact their office to inquire about retail leasing, amenities and to know more about landlords and tenants.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joy! Joy! Joy! down in my heart (where?)

They said that a 7 month old baby inside the belly can now hear music and noises so I decided to play some kiddie music to him. So far, I enjoy listening to these songs.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Zac :)

Hubby and I went to see my baby's specialist again today. We arrived at the hospital 15mins before our 8AM appointment and oh my! I was soo sleepy. I am not a morning person so thank God we only need to see his specialist once a month lol!. Like the usual procedure, they checked baby Zac's heart, brain (size and cerebellum), lungs, diaphragm, stomach, arms and legs and of course they focused on his kidneys via ultrasound.

After checking everything, the specialist talked to us and told us that the volume of fluid they found in his kidneys is A BIT higher than last month. This time it is 0.2 higher BUT she said that we don't have to worry because baby Zac's weight got doubled which means his kidney's size is twice than last month. His weight was only 2.5 lbs. last month and now he weighs 4.5 lbs. YEHEY! I guess that also explains why I gained 6lbs this month of October LOL! His ureter is NOT swollen and the Amniotic fluid has just the right amount.

The specialist was happy to tell us that baby Zac is doing better and guess what? She named him "HAPPY ZAC" aww! lol!. The reason why she named him that is because they had a hard time taking ultrasound pics of him because he keeps on moving around my belly (like he ALWAYS does) like he is dancing or getting busy about something hehe!

I am happy about the result of our visit to the hospital today and I hope that his kidneys will get better and better soon :) And oh! baby Zac has some tiny hairs now on his head, sweeeet! lol!

To our baby: Mommy and Daddy loves you Baby Zac AKA Happy Zac :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rhinoplasty Information

Rhinoplasty is also commonly called "nose reshaping" or "nose job". Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape, and angle of your nose and bring it into better proportion with the rest of your face. This procedure is not only for cosmetic purpose but it is also use in correcting structural problems with the nose that may cause chronic congestion and breathing problems.

Surgeons who perform rhinoplasties typically have training in either plastic surgery, otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat specialty), or both. Rhinoplasty is a delicate operation, and requires careful planning and meticulous technique. So, if you are thinking of having a nose job, you need to know the preoperative operation and post-operative care to avoid complications.

Before you want this procedure done, think about your expectations and discuss it to your surgeon. The results of rhinoplasty are permanent so you better look for the best surgeon as the end result will depend on the experience and skill of your surgeon.

The good thing about successful nose job is that it can inspire new confidence and/or you can have a good breathing circulation.

Rhinoplasty Information

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer for a sick friend

I have a good friend who is suffering from gallbladder attack. He is a retired man who works as a volunteer in the hospital where I am working. I am praying for him and I hope that he will get well soon. I found this prayer online and I dedicate this to him. Get well soon and bless your heart :)

Dear Lord,
You know my friend so much better than I do. You know his sickness and the burden he carries. You also know his heart. Lord, I ask you to be with my friend now, working in his life. Let your will be done in my friend's life. If there is a sin that needs to be confessed and forgiven, Lord, please help him to see his need and confess. Lord, I pray for my friend because your Word says I should pray for his healing. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart and that it is powerful because of your promise. I have faith in you to heal my friend, but I also trust in the plan you have for his life. Lord, I don't always understand your ways, and why my friend has to suffer, but I trust you. I ask that you look with mercy and grace toward my friend. Nourish his spirit and soul in this time of suffering and comfort him with your presence. Let my friend know you are there with him through this difficulty. And may you be glorified in his life and also in mine.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Got my I-693 from the Civil Surgeon via mail

My I-693 arrived today, yehey!. I opened the mail and found another envelope that is sealed with red tape and was stamped "confidential". I assume that this is the envelope that the CS told me that I am NOT suppose to open and it needs to be send together with the rest of AOS papers. Together with the sealed envelope is a personal copy of I-693. Below is a pic of the I-693 package that I got from the CS (I covered my private info with pink highlight) .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

His birthday celebration

My husband's birthday was last Thursday (Oct. 8th) but we just celebrated it yesterday as he was scheduled to work on his bday. I bought him a cake and his family went to our house to greet him happy birthday. I think one thing that I can't forget about yester is his niece Alli singing Happy Birthday to him. Alli just turned 3 last Sept. and she is such an adorable kid :)

After the party, my husband and I went out to shop for some stuff and of course we always buy something for our baby. We bought him 5 receiving blankets. My husband is a typical man, he doesn't like shopping AT ALL lol! But he always have energy to go shopping if it is for our baby aww! I think he enjoyed looking and shopping for baby stuff and I find him cute for that. After shopping, he asked me to go eat somewhere. We then decided to eat at Ryan's and I pigged out lol! We both love eating in buffet restaurant specially at Ryans. I took a pic of every plate I had lol! Sorry for the blurry pics as I was hurrying to take those pics because my camera was running out of battery.

I won't wonder if I'll gain more pounds again on my next monthly visit lol! My husband and I enjoyed our day yester. I always love spending time with him and I love how he loves me :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gift from Norm :)

I called work this morning to tell them that I can't go to work as I have some sore throat and some cough (which I am thinking some reactions from the flu shot I had yester) when they told me that I have a bag of baby stuff from Norm. Norm is a retired man who is also working as a volunteer in the hospital. After I ordered ice cream cake at DQ (for my husband's bday celeb tom) we went straight to the hospital to pick up the bag and aww! they are full of goodies for the baby :) The bag has a pair of shoes, a teeter, a sleeper, a bib, shirts and oh my! there are plastic clothes hangers too for the baby. You know, I have been thinking of buying those hangers and I am happy that I have 'em now :D I wonder how did he read my mind LOL! I'll call Norm tomorrow to thank him about it. I am sure that the baby is happy and I am sure that he feel loved already even though he wasn't born yet .

I love old folks not because they remind me of my lola (grandma) who passed away but I really think that old folks are cute hehe :D I specially admire those retired people who dedicate their time in helping other people by doing good deeds and giving help to others. May God bless those people and I am sure that there is always place in heaven for them.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to my asawa!

Yup, it is his birthday today!! YAY! I hope he likes the watch i bought for him :) It kinda sad though as we can't celebrate it today because he is scheduled to work. So we just decided to celebrate it on his off (this coming Saturday). Today is also the 4th year that we became lovers. Aww! I can't believe that it is already 4 years and wow! we are still like newly weds lol! I mean, we are still soooo sweet with each other like newly weds which I am glad that we are :) caz I know some couples that they aren't that sweet anymore to each other after few years of marriage.

Oh btw, I had flu shot today and my arm is a lil' bit sore and not only that, I am also having some cough. They say that it is safe to pregnant women so I decided to get it and they say that it doesn't only protect the mother from influenza but also the baby. I am hoping to get H1N1 vaccine this month too.

Ok! got to go to bed now and sleep because I have to wake up early morning tomorrow. Good Night!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I-693 (medical exam for AOS)

So I went to Civil Surgeon this 1:00 in the afternoon to have my medical done as part of AOS (Adjustment Of Status) requirement. The medical exam was actually pretty quick. They drew blood in me and ask for some few questions like how long I have been here in the US and what visa do I have. As for the Physical Exam, the CS only checked my ears, my eyes, my breathing, my tongue and my reflex. Thank God! it wasn't like the Physical Exam at SLEC that you have to undress (including your underwear) and you'll only wear lab gown LOL! The CS looked at my vaccination sheet from SLEC and he saw that I have to have TD shot and HPV shot. I handed him the proof of my TD shot (that I just had last May,2009) and told him that I already had it. He then looked at it, smiled and said that I am excuse in getting HPV shot because I am pregnant. After that, I told him that I just had TST (TB Skin Test) last Feb. 2009 and asked him if I need to get it again. He said "No, TST result is good til one year." What a relief on my side LOL! I handed him the TST result and my XRAY result stating that I am NEGATIVE in TB :) The CS was actually pretty nice and he looks cool (hindi siya mashadong serious hehe :D). He then fill out the I-693 and he asked me to sign it. He said that he will just send it back to me next week via snail mail.

The medical fee is $259.00 (payment includes HIV antibody, Syphilis screen, TB Skin Test, Physical Exam and the CS fee) PLUS additional payment for each vaccines that I need to have (TD and HPV). But since I already had TST then they deducted $15 plus I don't have to pay for TD shot as I already had it too. So all in all, I only paid $244 :)

I got out from the CS office quarter before 2:00PM and went straight to Blimpie's with my dad-in-law as the baby in my tummy was hungry again LOL! Oh well! at last i am done with my medical and all I have to do next is to compile papers (again!) for AOS.

NOTE: The statement above was based on my experience. Other people might encounter different rates/fees on medical and some CS might require them to redo their TST. I just shared this experience as reference to people who needs to redo their expired medical (like I was).

Monday, October 5, 2009

New booties and socks for the baby!!

Hubby and I were suppose to go to WALMART yesterday to buy pet foods when we decided to stop by at Kohl's first to check out some baby stuff. We found this cute baby booties and socks and my first thought when I found them was "My baby should have them! lol" So I grabbed them right away and went to the counter to pay hehe. I really enjoy buying baby stuff as they are soooo cute. I admit, I am addicted in buying baby stuff :D I know, I know, I have been warned not to buy too much stuff for the baby because they grow fast, but what can I do? It's addictive hehe.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd visit to the specialist

Last Monday (Sept. 28, 09) was our second visit to our baby's specialist (I know, I am late in updating my blog hehe). We finally met our baby's Urologist (after they canceled our Sept. 21st sched). At first, they performed ultrasound to the baby and checked his kidneys including his heart, lungs, brain etc. It was funny as our baby was kicking and was so active on during the ultrasound. Maybe he was thinking "What do you guys doing on my mommy's belly?" or maybe he was so excited because it is time for us to see him again (Aww!). I so love seeing our baby moving around my belly. The feeling is so indescribable and I want to gigil him every time i see him on screen hehe.

After performing the ultrasound, the Urologist talked to us (hubby and me). He said that the amount of fluid they found in both of his kidneys has still the same amount as last month (6-7mm). He said that our baby seems be a healthy one (except his kidneys of course!). He also said that we shouldn't worry much as 80% of this kidney condition heals itself once the baby is born. But of course they still need to monitor the baby's kidney every month and the urologist also told us that the baby will going to have 3 more ultrasounds once he is born. One of the ultrasound that he mentioned is KUB (Kidney Urine Bladder). Our Urologist is working side by side with Perinatologist (An obstetrician who practices maternal-fetal medicine for patients with high risk pregnancies).

I am 7 months pregnant now and i'll be able to hold our baby few months from now. Oh my! I really can't wait :D BTW, here is pic of me taken in the restroom before I see the specialist lol!

I know, my belly doesn't look like 7 months. Most of them think that I am only 4-5 months preggy. But what can I do? I eat A LOT but gains only few pounds. I guess it is because of my metabolism. The picture below is the latest ultrasound pic of our baby :)

Friday, October 2, 2009


I am so proud of my kababayan (fellow Filipino) APL de AP. He shows nationalism even though he is already a famous member of the band BEP (Black Eyed Peas). He even made a song to promote tourism in the Philippines. Go Kabayan! Make us all proud :)