Sunday, October 11, 2009

His birthday celebration

My husband's birthday was last Thursday (Oct. 8th) but we just celebrated it yesterday as he was scheduled to work on his bday. I bought him a cake and his family went to our house to greet him happy birthday. I think one thing that I can't forget about yester is his niece Alli singing Happy Birthday to him. Alli just turned 3 last Sept. and she is such an adorable kid :)

After the party, my husband and I went out to shop for some stuff and of course we always buy something for our baby. We bought him 5 receiving blankets. My husband is a typical man, he doesn't like shopping AT ALL lol! But he always have energy to go shopping if it is for our baby aww! I think he enjoyed looking and shopping for baby stuff and I find him cute for that. After shopping, he asked me to go eat somewhere. We then decided to eat at Ryan's and I pigged out lol! We both love eating in buffet restaurant specially at Ryans. I took a pic of every plate I had lol! Sorry for the blurry pics as I was hurrying to take those pics because my camera was running out of battery.

I won't wonder if I'll gain more pounds again on my next monthly visit lol! My husband and I enjoyed our day yester. I always love spending time with him and I love how he loves me :)

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