Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loving Florida

Yup, we finally are now here in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. I find the Gators really friendly. We arrived here around 11AM and the weather was nice. Its not too hot and not cool at all. When we arrived Fort Lauderdale, we meet our relatives in a pharmacy so they could lead us to their house where we could stay in for few hours before check-in in the hotel where we will stay for 6 days.

It was a terrible road trip we had because my husband had toothache the night we leave. He drove here in Florida with a tooth aching :( I really felt sorry for him because he was so miserable and he had a hard time driving too but thank God we arrived safely. This morning, hubby went to the dentist and pull his tooth and now he feel much much better and I can't make him stop from talking LOL!

So far, we are enjoying Florida. Nice weather, nice place and nice people. If ever we will move, I think I want to move here :) Got to go now. We'll explore Florida YAY!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nursing uniforms

I was preparing our stuff last night for our trip to Florida when I saw my husband's nursing uniforms. I realized that we will be tired when we get back home from our Florida trip so I better wash his uniforms before I forgot.

It is true that it is hard to look for nursing uniforms for men in stores, maybe because most of the nurses are female so you will see more of their uniforms in the store than the males. One time, I was shopping in the store for his uniform and there was 4 racks of nursing scrubs for female and there was only 1 rack for men lol! I didn't buy uniform in that store, instead I bought scrub uniforms online. That way, I was able to choose more designs and was very convenient for me because I was able to buy it without going personally to the store.

Hubby was actually happy to the scrubs I bought for him and I am glad he was :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Florida, here we come!!

Hubby, me and our son will go to Florida tomorrow to see our relatives. It will be a long trip for us. It will take 18+ hours of road trip. I made a list of things that we will take for me to make sure that I won't forget anything. Here is my list. As you'll notice, our son has the longest list of things that need to bring hehe.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Sample of Head and Shoulder Shampoo

I got my free sample of head and shoulder shampoo here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We love Chicken!

Written by my friend Melvin Strong

With just two people in my home, grocery shopping is done once every other week. I am able to purchase enough things to prepare great meals for us for this amount of time. I try to shop during the sales.I'm a sucker for a good deal. I always have my coupons that I have clipped in hand and snatch all of the great deals I come across.

My son has learned how to set the home security alarm so I allow him to do this each time before we head to the grocery storee, watching carefully over him, of course! I love the variety of alarm devices near Virginia Beach . It makes him feel like the man of the house to complete this simple task!

We eat a lot of chicken in my house, and I find myself buying several packages of chicken tenders during each visit. I purchase both the already prepared as well as the fresh tenders. i combine them with other things that I purchase, such as rice, carrots, and always some type of bread.

I also purchase snacks for my son to take to school. I love the individual packaged items for this reason, but sometimes they can be a bit expensive to purchase. I enjoy the White Castle frozen cheeseburgers , and always keep a box in the freezer for snacking.

Ms. Philippines Ma. Venus Raj Performance in Ms. Universe 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I get my grocery shopping done.

I appreciate the guest post, Kelvin Armstrong

I tend to go grocery shopping a few times a week. I change my mind quite frequently on things that I might want to eat. What I may like one week I may not have a taste for the next week, or even later in that same week. For instance one day I may have a craving for steaks and later that week I don't want any red meat at all.

I do use coupons and love to catch a deal. So a few times a week I gather my coupons, set my ADT alarm and head off the the local grocery store to get the food I am craving during that period of time. Recently I had a craving for Catfish, so I bought a few pounds of catfish, used some coupons for hot sauce and soda, and had catfish for three days straight.

As you can see there is no way I can do the typical grocery shopping that most people do. I am not going to load up a few weeks of food in my grocery cart and have things I don't have a craving for end up going bad in the fridge. A few times a week for me and I can keep myself happy.

Miss Universe 2010

LAS VEGAS – A 22-year-old Mexico woman won the Miss Universe pageant Monday night after donning a flowing red gown and telling an audience it's important to teach kids family values.

Jimena Navarrete of Guadalajara was first contestant to answer an interview question onstage and the last of 83 standing in the headline-grabbing pageant on the Las Vegas Strip.

"I want to give my parents a big hug," she said at a news conference after the pageant. "There was a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifice."

The train of her single-strap dress floated behind her like a sheet as she walked during the evening gown competition. Before that, she smiled in a violet bikini as she confidently strutted across the stage.

Asked by Olympic gold-medal figure skater Evan Lysacek how she felt about unsupervised Internet use, Navarrete said the Internet is important but parents need to be careful and watch over their kids.

"I do believe that Internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the present time," she said through an interpreter. "We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family."

First runner-up was Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, while second runner-up was Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell.

Navarrete said she didn't expect to win.

"I did feel surprised," she said. "I was like in a state of shock."

Navarrete — who's been modeling since she was 15 — is Mexico's second Miss Universe. Lupita Jones of Mexico won the title in 1991. Navarrete replaces Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela.

Navarrete's win thwarted Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson from giving the South American country a third consecutive victory. Neither Gibson nor Miss USA Rima Fakih made the top 15 finalists.

Navarrete was immediately congratulated on Twitter by Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala.

"Congratulations to Jimena Navarrete for her deserved victory as Miss Universe," Calderon said. "This will serve Mexico, (and) our image as a country."

With fans in some 190 countries watching on television and keeping tabs on social networks, Navarrete and her competitors introduced themselves while wearing over-the-top national costumes. They then danced in silver and black dresses for the show's opening number before the top 15 finalists were announced.

The final 15 walked in swimsuits while Cirque du Soleil musicians played Elvis Presley songs including "Viva Las Vegas." The last 10 impressed in their gowns while John Legend and the Roots played a soulful medley including "Save Room."

By the end of the show, seven of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter had to do with the pageant, its contestants, its judges or owner Donald Trump. The mogul co-owns the pageant with TV network NBC.

The show was without any major gaffes, except for Miss Philippines' answer when asked what her biggest mistake in life was and how she fixed it.

"In my 22 years of existence, I can say there is nothing major," Venus Raj said.

Before the pageant, Raj was rated among the top contestants in an online poll on the pageant's website. She finished in fifth place.

Navarrete won a package of prizes including an undisclosed salary, a luxury New York apartment with living expenses, a one-year scholarship to the New York Film Academy with housing after her reign, plus jewelry, clothes and shoes fit for a beauty champion.

Campbell won the Miss Congeniality Universe award. Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul won Miss Photogenic Universe and a second award for having the best national costume.

Fakih, a 24-year-old Lebanese immigrant from Dearborn, Mich., spurred celebrations among Arab-Americans when she won Miss USA. Pageant records aren't detailed enough to show whether Fakih is the first Arab-American, Muslim or immigrant to win Miss USA.

Miss USA has not been named Miss Universe since Brook Lee won the title in 1997.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Mayhem in Manila: 9 killed on hijacked tourist bus

MANILA, Philippines – It looked like a hostage rescue in slow motion: Police creeping up on the bus with sledgehammers and smashing first one window, then another, then trying and failing to rip open the door.

When they finally got inside, authorities said, they found nine bodies: eight Hong Kong tourists and the ex-policeman who had seized the bus to demand his job back.

The bloody denouement to the 12-hour drama in the heart of the Philippine capital, witnessed live on TV, rattled a country already accustomed to kidnappings and violence blamed on Muslim rebels. It provoked demands from the Hong Kong government for an explanation, and an acknowledgment from Philippine President Benigno Aquino III that his police need more training and equipment.

It was 10:15 a.m. Monday in Manila when Rolando Mendoza, 55 and married with three children, hitched a ride with the tourists as they visited historic sites in the city. He wore a camouflage uniform and carried an M16 rifle but didn't seem unusual in the heavily policed capital.

Then he announced that he was taking the travelers hostage to win back his job.

According to newspaper reports, the former senior inspector was among five officers who had been charged with robbery, extortion and grave threats after a Manila hotel chef filed a complaint alleging they falsely accused him of using drugs to extort money. Mendoza was fired last year but claimed he was innocent.

With the bus parked on a Manila park parade ground, Mendoza stuck leaflets on windows, handwritten in English, saying "big mistake to correct a big wrong decision," demanding media attention and threatening "big deal will start after 3 p.m. today."

At first, matters proceeded peacefully. The hijacker freed nine hostages — three women, three children and two men — leaving 15 tourists on board. Police sealed the area and brought food for the hostages, along with fuel to keep the bus' air conditioning running in the 32-degree-Celsius (90 F) heat.

Then negotiations began to go awry. Mendoza demanded a signed promise that his case would be reviewed, but its delivery was delayed for hours, in part by Manila's notorious traffic, and when it finally arrived he rejected it as insufficient.

The hijacker's brother Gregorio, a policeman, was flown in to talk to him through the driver's window but grew so agitated in claiming Mendoza had been unfairly sacked that police hustled him away, fearing he would inflame the situation.

That apparently angered Mendoza into firing a warning shot. Police made an initial attempt to board the bus, and the hijacker shot and wounded a police sharpshooter, said Nelson Yabut, head of the assault team. Single shots, then a burst of automatic fire, echoed through the night.

The Filipino bus driver managed to escape and, according to police officer Roderick Mariano, reported that Mendoza had fired at the tourists.

A freed hostage who gave only her surname, Ng, told Hong Kong reporters that she saw her husband killed by Mendoza after he tried to take him on.

"He was very brave. He rushed forward from the back of the bus. He wanted to prevent the gunman from killing people. He sacrificed himself," she said.

Yabut, the assault commander, said that "when he started shooting the hostages, that's the time I gave the signal to my sniper to shoot when there is a clear view." He said Mendoza died of a single shot to the head.

Shortly before 9 p.m., police lobbed tear gas into the bus and commandos approached the vehicle, crouching beside it and ready to storm it. They smashed windows and the back door with sledgehammers. Once aside, they found only the dead, one of them slumped on the bus steps.

The Hong Kong government did not hide its displeasure at the handling of the incident. It issued a warning against travel to the Philippines, canceled planned tour groups to the islands and asked Hong Kong tourists still in the country to leave.

The bloodbath happened in front of a grandstand where Aquino had been sworn in as president on June 30. After midnight he was back there, staring at the bloodstained, bullet-riddled bus.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making others’ beautiful

Guest post written by Adrienne Wiles

I couldn’t see myself doing anything except styling hair. Growing up, I always styled my dolls’ hair and dyed my friends’ hair in high school.

It isn’t just making people look and feel beautiful that I love, it’s also getting to talk to people and getting them to open up. My mom always said that I was a talker and this is a job where that’s kind of an advantage.

But there are certain things about this job that are a little tough, like having to be on my feet all day. Also there are some days when you just don’t feel like talking and being super friendly, but that’s just all part of being a hair stylist. It can also get pretty noisy in the salon at times when everyone has their blow dryers going at full blast and talking to their clients. I mentioned to one of my clients a few weeks ago that it was hard to hear what my customers are saying sometimes and she suggested that I go and get a free hearing test. I did and after I took a look at some hearing aids prices I got fitted with some.

None of my clients or co-workers have mentioned them yet, which is even better!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Glass Festival 2010

The Glass Festival here in our town started yesterday. We went to the park yesterday to have dinner and this morning, we woke up early to watch the parade. It rained a lil bit so I thought the parade will be canceled but I was happy that they continued the parade. There were lots of people awaiting on the parade. Most of the people in the parade threw candies to all the parade watchers and of course, the happiest were the kids hehe. My son got a ring pop :D A guy in the parade handed it to him. I got some candies too which I put in the bag I brought. I'll give those candies that I collected to my nieces and nephews that knocks on our room door to ask for candies almost everyday hehe. I love it everytime they ask for candy, I don't know why hehe.

Friday, August 20, 2010

EAD card on production!

Yay! I got an email from USCIS saying:


Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

On August 20, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

Yehey! I am hoping to get it sooner so I could apply for SSN :D Thank you Lord :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 86th Birthday Grandma!

It was 86th birthday of our grandma yesterday. She is actually my hubby's grandmother. She lives in a nursing home few blocks away from where we live. It sad because she has Alzheimer's and she just recently had stroke :( I wish her healthy and happy life.

Bar hopping

Guest post written by Dave Billington

Living frugally is something that I’ve almost perfected to an art. It first started in college and then after graduation I continued living that way to save up some money for a new car, which I’m on the verge of buying before the end of the year. But that doesn’t mean that I sacrifice having a good time, I’ve just found ways to bar hop with friends depending on bar specials.

One of my main strategies is to go out to bars during the middle of the week, when it’s easier and cheaper to get a drink because it’s less crowded. There’s one pub not far from my house that I found through wildblue satellite internet has all you can drink beer on Thursday nights from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. when you pay a $5 cover at the door. That’s the best I’ve found so far and I have a feeling that will probably be the best I’ll ever find.

My friends and I will research new bar specials on wildblue internet in Spokane and e-mail each other links to some promising things.

Once I buy my new car, I could probably afford to be less frugal but I think I’m too stuck in my ways to quit while I’m ahead.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucky Sunday!

It was lucky Sunday for us last Sunday. I went in our room because I want to tell hubby that I want to buy two new pairs of pants because I feel like I want to have some new pants. When I entered our room, hubby said "I won $500 on scratch of ticket". I said "Really? Wow! I came here to tell you I want some new pants lol! Yay! I guess we can buy some today :D". So after an hour or so, we went to Kohl's (one of my favorite store) to buy some clothing. Then went to Shoe Carnival for hubby's shoes and mine and then went to Old Navy and bought some flip flops and then went to Walmart to buy some more stuff. We got hungry after everything we did so we ate and went home.

BTW, I saw my boss at the hospital were I worked that day. I was inside the fitting room carrying pants that I wanna a try on when I heard someone calling my name. I kinda ignored it at first because I never thought that I'll find someone who knows me there lol! I was about to close the door of the fitting room when I saw my boss. I was happy to see her and her grandboy. Her grandboy was adorable.

We were indeed lucky today and we thank God for the blessing we had. My highlight of the day? I bought a pair of Lauren Conrad distressed pants woohooo!! lol! Thank you Lord :)

Being On Time Is Important

Authored by Rickey Combs

On Tuesdays, my twin boys both have football practice, in which I escort them to. I am usually there watching the kids practice and most of the times I hand out drinks and such to the team. If it is my day to supply the drinks or other items, I would drop my sons off and then go to the local grocery store and pick up some sports drinks to take back to the field. With all of the running around I have to do, I must remember to set my home alarm before leaving the home. When I first had the alarm installed I would always remember to set it anytime I left the home. Now that football season has started, I sometimes am rushing my kids to hurry and get ready, and I leave the house without setting the security alarms systems. Usually one of them would remind me, as we're backing out of the drive way, and then I would have to go back in and set the alarm. So now I no longer forget to set the alarm. And we are now always on time to their football practices.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Adjustment of Status Timeline


06.17.2010 - submitted our papers
06.19.2010 - papers arrived at Chicago lockbox
06.24.2010 - Check cashed
06.28.2010 - NOA1 Hardcopy received (9 days from the day they got our papers)

07.05.2010 - Received Biometrics Schedule (July 26)

08.05.2010 - Biometrics done! (had to re-schedule from 7/26 to 8/5)
08.13.2010 - Got my interview letter
08.20.2010 - Got an email from USCIS saying my EAD card is on production. YAY!

09.06.2010 - Got my EAD Card
09.07.2010 - Applied for SSN
09.14.2010 - SSN Card received
09.16.2010 - Interview schedule (APPROVED)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free dog treat!

I got my free sample of Better Than Ears Dog Treat today! Sign up here to get this for free :)

My “Eclipse” trip

Guest post written by Barbara Cotton

My daughter works a lot as a single mom, so I try and help out with my 12-year-old granddaughter as much as possible. This also means that we get to enjoy each other’s company even more and do fun things together. However, our ideas of fun don’t always align.

One of these instances is when we went and saw the new movie in the “Twilight” saga, “Eclipse.” Sue is a diehard fan of the books and previous movies and wanted nothing more than to see it on opening day. So I took her on opening night and bore it through all the teenage shrieks whenever the main vampire stepped onto the screen.

But, I didn’t have to put up with the storyline as much as I thought I would because I was having trouble hearing a lot of the more soft-spoken lovey-dovey lines.

I had considered getting hearing aides before this but I started doing research and found some miracle ear hearing aids reviews after this. I found some hearing aid in PA that seemed to work well for me and bought them. Now I know that when I’m recruited to take Sue to the next teenage vampire love story, I’ll at least be able to hear the cheesy lines.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent

I can't believe the voice coming out from this little girl. I watched America's Got Talent last night and my jaw dropped while listening to her. This girl is only 10 years old with a mature classical awesome voice. I am pretty sure that she has a big chance of winning this contest. She has the charm and voice so she really deserved the standing ovation last night. Go girl!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would you rather questions

1: fart in an interview loudly or get knocked out with a baseball bat -- fart in an interview LOL!
2. get your computer hacked or have your car break down -- computer hacked
3. get bit by a shark or live in poverty -- bit by shark
4. eat a mixture of bugs 1 cup or drink 1/2 cup of ketchup vinegar and orange juice mix -- drink *gross!*
5. get herpes around your mouth badly or using a really dirty bathroom for the rest of your life -- dirty bathroom *yaiks*
6. have a really weird first name or not having your electronical stuff for 3 months --no electronic stuff (at least I would only suffer for 3 months rather than suffer my whole life having weird name)
7. having snot run down your face on a date with someone you really like or peeing your pants at a party with like 70 people -- haha! this is funny but I'll just choose peeing in my pants LMAO!
8. not brushing your teeth for a year or wearing the same clothes for 6 months -- wear the same clothes for 6 months lol! (I can't sleep without brushing my teeth first)
9. puke on somebody or being puked on -- puked on somebody lol!
10. cheat on somebody or be cheated on -- be cheated on :(
11. lie to your bestfriend or having all your friends lie to you -- having all my friends lie to me :(
12. be invisible whenever you wanted or be super stretchy like you want your door closed and dont want to get up so you can reach it lol -- I guess being plastic woman :p
13. live till you're 100 with health problems or live till you're 60 with no health problems -- live til 60
14. get caught stealing stuff worth $500 or get caught doing naughty stuff on your mothers bed and her almost killing you -- I don't like to steal so I guess I'll choose doing the naughty stuff lol! (she's my mom, she'll forgive me lol!)
15. go to work with permanent marker all over your face or having the runs on a 4 hours drive. -- permanent marker lol!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mesothelioma Disease

I woke up early today because my 7 month old son woke me up and wants to have breakfast. While I was feeding him and listening to the news on TV at the same time, my dad-in-law walked in and talked to me about the Mesothelioma Disease infomercial on TV.

We talked about what can you make out of asbestos. He said that asbestos can be used in making vinyl floor tiles, plaster, fire blankets, fire proofing and can be used in making drywall. He said that asbestos is really useful but it can be dangerous to our health too if you are exposed to it too much. Exposure to asbestos can cause Mesothelioma which is a rare form of cancer in the lungs.

He told me that if he is one of those people who got infected by Mesothelioma disease then he will hire a Mesothelioma Lawyer. He said that if you really want to win the case then you should hire a Mesothelioma Attorney because they are more knowledgeable about Mesothelioma and they already handled lots of Mesothelioma cases which means there is a bigger chance of winning the case.

Mesothelioma is a disease that we shouldn't ignore. We should be aware of its cause and effect to us and we can do it by reading information about the nature of the disease. Reading information about it will NOT gonna cure us, going to the doctor for check-up is still the best way for us to check if we are infected by this.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Colts Training Camp

We woke up early today to be at the Colts Training Camp in Anderson University. Anderson is not that far from where we live. There were like hundreds of people came there to watch the Colts players being trained. It was so crowded that we had to park 2 blocks away from the training camp. I bought Colts shirt because the Colts shirt that I have is fro winter hehehe plus aside from that my son wore Colts shirt and also my hubby so I don't want to left out, so I bought new one :p

I'd say 90 percent of the people that were there wore Colts clothing, the truth is, I am not really a sports fan but I like Colts because I am here from Indiana and plus hubby's family like Colts so I like Colts LOL!

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Tricycle

My dad-in-law bought this new awesome tricycle. We had been looking around to different motorcycle stores for days and I am glad that he finally found the tricycle that he really wants. It looks so cool and I can't wait to ride it with hubby. Of course he needs to drive me around the neighborhood because I don't know how to drive this thing yet but yeah! you don't have to have driver's license to drive this which means I can drive it *woot* *woot*

Planning my sister’s baby shower

Guest post written by Nadeen Wale

My sister probably got pregnant at the worst time ever, for me at least. I was scheduled to move three months before her due date and as her only sibling – and best friend – I felt it was my duty to host her baby show. But I realized that would be a problem if I were in Michigan and she at home in Wisconsin.

I started planning pretty early as a result. Luckily for me, my sister and her husband decided that they didn’t want to know if I would have a new niece of nephew ahead of time. So I was able to do a lot of shopping for a gender-neutral shower through my blue internet Wisconsin before I left town.

After I moved, I was got satellite internet Michigan and continued planning the shower. I even designed some really cute e-invites for the shower, but made sure to send paper invites to some older relatives that don’t really use the blue internet that much.

I flew back to Wisconsin for the weekend of the shower and it all went really smoothly thanks to long and frequent e-mails between my mom and I. My sister still hasn’t had her baby yet and now we’re just playing the waiting game!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Biometrics Day!

I had my Biometrics for my Adjustment of Status today. My appointment schedule for it was 2PM and I have 1:20PM INFOPASS . We arrived there in the office around 12:30PM. Since it was written on the appointment schedule that digital cameras and cellphones are not allowed, we left ALL our electronics in the car except for my son's favorite toy.

Before we enter the office, we were scanned by metal detector. When we entered the premises, one of the staff gave me an application worksheet that I need to fill out and she told me to submit my appointment letter to the window. So, I submitted my papers and while I was waiting on my name to be called, I filled out the paper. My name was called and I went to the window and asked the immigration officer if I can travel to Florida on the 28th of this month and my visa will expire on the 26th. She said that I am free to travel inside the US since my Adjustment of Status is already on process then she smiled at me after saying it. After few minutes, I was called again by another woman and I handed her the application worksheet that I filled out. We went to this room and had my finger scanning and picture taken. She stamped my biometrics paper and gave it back to me.

The biometrics was pretty fast. We left almost 1PM so it only took me less than 30 mins over all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is heading home to Chicago to celebrate his 49th birthday on Wednesday.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that Obama's birthday plans include having dinner with friends there and spending the night in his own house in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood.

Obama hasn't shied away from talking about his birthday, noting that his hair is getting more gray and his metabolism is slowing down as another year passes. Gibbs says that while there's no doubt that the presidency comes with enormous physical and mental strain, Obama "greatly enjoys" the job.

Obama is traveling to Chicago Wednesday and Thursday to tour an auto plant and attend Democratic fundraisers, returning Thursday night to Washington.

He won't, however, be with his family, spending his birthday instead as a bachelor.

First lady Michelle Obama is taking their youngest daughter, Sasha, to Spain this week and their other daughter, Malia, is away at camp. Gibbs demurred when asked if it was a source of Obama family tension that the president was celebrating his birthday without them.

"They'll all be back together soon," the press secretary said diplomatically.

Meanwhile, the president's birthday — though a year shy of the Big 50 milestone — is being used in this election year as a prime fundraising opportunity for Democratic candidates and party organizations, through mailings, e-mails, parties and other birthday-themed outreach.


Cupcake handler

Guest post written by Michael Long

Working in a bakery that specializes in cupcakes can be dangerous. It’s kind of torture to see people come in, buy and eat cupcakes all day. But I get a free cupcake every day and when it comes down to it, I don’t need more than one a day – even if I secretly think that my body has become dependent upon cupcakes.

I didn’t exactly aspire to sell cupcakes, but after I retired one of my good friends opened the bakery and offered me the job. I thought it would be a great way to make a little extra money and satisfy my sweet tooth.

I love to interact with the customers and I’ve become friends with some of the regulars. I noticed that one of the regulars was having a better time hearing what I would say and I didn’t have to talk as loud to her. I asked her what was new with her and she pointed to her hearing aides. She told me all about them and suggested that I get a hearing test too.

I took her advice and scheduled one for in a few days. Although all our cupcakes are delicious, people don’t like to be handed the wrong one on accident.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diet! Diet! Diet!

I normally forgot the word "diet" every time we go to buffet restaurant hehe. I was only 124 lbs. before I get pregnant and after I gave birth I went 132 lbs. Now, I weight 127 lbs. and I am still aiming my target to get back to 124 lbs.

Today, we shopped to 3 different stores looking for the perfect curtain for my son's nursery room. We went to Alco, Target, Sears and Bed Bath and Beyond and we didn't find the curtain that we are looking for. After going to those stores, we got tired and end up eating in Golden Corral and yes, I forgot the word "diet" LOL!

I think I had 4 plates of food and now I am scared to check my weight hahahaha!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I want to visit London

I want to visit London. Why? Aside from I think it is one the most beautiful city in the world, I also have relatives who lives in there. Yes, I have an aunt who is working there as nurse for more than twenty years and I also have cousins there whom I miss a lot. My relatives in London visits the Philippines most of the time. I most of the time see them on every visit they do except for this year because I already moved here in the US.

I just spoke with my aunt who lives in London and she told me that they will visit Florida at the end of this year. She told us that they want to see us specially our baby so they invited us to come down there to have some mini-reunion. Hubby I were so excited because we will be able to see them once again and I will also see Florida for the first time.

I also love the idea of visiting London one day. I think having London private tour is a good idea because we want to have an expert tour guide that will tour us around and teach us London history at the same time. London walking tours is not a bad idea too. I wanna see "The Big Ben", "Tides of Time" and know the London cuisine. Hubby and I talked all about this and we already decided to save money after our Florida trip to see London. Hopefully it will be soon as I am so excited to see and visit my relatives over there.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Banana Split

I didn't know why there was something missing in me today til hubby surprised me with banana split from DQ LOL! Yeah, banana split completed my day hehe. I love banana but I can't eat it because it makes me constipated. The last time I ate banana was when I was pregnant and today, I happily ate my banana split because its has been ages since the last time I ate banana. Oh well! forget about constipation. I'll get over it LOL!