Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucky Sunday!

It was lucky Sunday for us last Sunday. I went in our room because I want to tell hubby that I want to buy two new pairs of pants because I feel like I want to have some new pants. When I entered our room, hubby said "I won $500 on scratch of ticket". I said "Really? Wow! I came here to tell you I want some new pants lol! Yay! I guess we can buy some today :D". So after an hour or so, we went to Kohl's (one of my favorite store) to buy some clothing. Then went to Shoe Carnival for hubby's shoes and mine and then went to Old Navy and bought some flip flops and then went to Walmart to buy some more stuff. We got hungry after everything we did so we ate and went home.

BTW, I saw my boss at the hospital were I worked that day. I was inside the fitting room carrying pants that I wanna a try on when I heard someone calling my name. I kinda ignored it at first because I never thought that I'll find someone who knows me there lol! I was about to close the door of the fitting room when I saw my boss. I was happy to see her and her grandboy. Her grandboy was adorable.

We were indeed lucky today and we thank God for the blessing we had. My highlight of the day? I bought a pair of Lauren Conrad distressed pants woohooo!! lol! Thank you Lord :)

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