Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would you rather questions

1: fart in an interview loudly or get knocked out with a baseball bat -- fart in an interview LOL!
2. get your computer hacked or have your car break down -- computer hacked
3. get bit by a shark or live in poverty -- bit by shark
4. eat a mixture of bugs 1 cup or drink 1/2 cup of ketchup vinegar and orange juice mix -- drink *gross!*
5. get herpes around your mouth badly or using a really dirty bathroom for the rest of your life -- dirty bathroom *yaiks*
6. have a really weird first name or not having your electronical stuff for 3 months --no electronic stuff (at least I would only suffer for 3 months rather than suffer my whole life having weird name)
7. having snot run down your face on a date with someone you really like or peeing your pants at a party with like 70 people -- haha! this is funny but I'll just choose peeing in my pants LMAO!
8. not brushing your teeth for a year or wearing the same clothes for 6 months -- wear the same clothes for 6 months lol! (I can't sleep without brushing my teeth first)
9. puke on somebody or being puked on -- puked on somebody lol!
10. cheat on somebody or be cheated on -- be cheated on :(
11. lie to your bestfriend or having all your friends lie to you -- having all my friends lie to me :(
12. be invisible whenever you wanted or be super stretchy like you want your door closed and dont want to get up so you can reach it lol -- I guess being plastic woman :p
13. live till you're 100 with health problems or live till you're 60 with no health problems -- live til 60
14. get caught stealing stuff worth $500 or get caught doing naughty stuff on your mothers bed and her almost killing you -- I don't like to steal so I guess I'll choose doing the naughty stuff lol! (she's my mom, she'll forgive me lol!)
15. go to work with permanent marker all over your face or having the runs on a 4 hours drive. -- permanent marker lol!

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