Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I get my grocery shopping done.

I appreciate the guest post, Kelvin Armstrong

I tend to go grocery shopping a few times a week. I change my mind quite frequently on things that I might want to eat. What I may like one week I may not have a taste for the next week, or even later in that same week. For instance one day I may have a craving for steaks and later that week I don't want any red meat at all.

I do use coupons and love to catch a deal. So a few times a week I gather my coupons, set my ADT alarm and head off the the local grocery store to get the food I am craving during that period of time. Recently I had a craving for Catfish, so I bought a few pounds of catfish, used some coupons for hot sauce and soda, and had catfish for three days straight.

As you can see there is no way I can do the typical grocery shopping that most people do. I am not going to load up a few weeks of food in my grocery cart and have things I don't have a craving for end up going bad in the fridge. A few times a week for me and I can keep myself happy.

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