Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diet! Diet! Diet!

I normally forgot the word "diet" every time we go to buffet restaurant hehe. I was only 124 lbs. before I get pregnant and after I gave birth I went 132 lbs. Now, I weight 127 lbs. and I am still aiming my target to get back to 124 lbs.

Today, we shopped to 3 different stores looking for the perfect curtain for my son's nursery room. We went to Alco, Target, Sears and Bed Bath and Beyond and we didn't find the curtain that we are looking for. After going to those stores, we got tired and end up eating in Golden Corral and yes, I forgot the word "diet" LOL!

I think I had 4 plates of food and now I am scared to check my weight hahahaha!

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