Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Being On Time Is Important

Authored by Rickey Combs

On Tuesdays, my twin boys both have football practice, in which I escort them to. I am usually there watching the kids practice and most of the times I hand out drinks and such to the team. If it is my day to supply the drinks or other items, I would drop my sons off and then go to the local grocery store and pick up some sports drinks to take back to the field. With all of the running around I have to do, I must remember to set my home alarm before leaving the home. When I first had the alarm installed I would always remember to set it anytime I left the home. Now that football season has started, I sometimes am rushing my kids to hurry and get ready, and I leave the house without setting the security alarms systems. Usually one of them would remind me, as we're backing out of the drive way, and then I would have to go back in and set the alarm. So now I no longer forget to set the alarm. And we are now always on time to their football practices.

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