Monday, August 2, 2010

I want to visit London

I want to visit London. Why? Aside from I think it is one the most beautiful city in the world, I also have relatives who lives in there. Yes, I have an aunt who is working there as nurse for more than twenty years and I also have cousins there whom I miss a lot. My relatives in London visits the Philippines most of the time. I most of the time see them on every visit they do except for this year because I already moved here in the US.

I just spoke with my aunt who lives in London and she told me that they will visit Florida at the end of this year. She told us that they want to see us specially our baby so they invited us to come down there to have some mini-reunion. Hubby I were so excited because we will be able to see them once again and I will also see Florida for the first time.

I also love the idea of visiting London one day. I think having London private tour is a good idea because we want to have an expert tour guide that will tour us around and teach us London history at the same time. London walking tours is not a bad idea too. I wanna see "The Big Ben", "Tides of Time" and know the London cuisine. Hubby and I talked all about this and we already decided to save money after our Florida trip to see London. Hopefully it will be soon as I am so excited to see and visit my relatives over there.

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