Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Hydronephrosis noted

My husband and I were so happy to hear from my doctor that there was no hydronephrosis noted on our second baby's ultrasound. I had my ultrasound done last week and we are noe relieved after knowing the result. Our first son, Zachary, has a congenital hydronephrosis. So when the technician told me that we are having another boy again this time. My heart pump so fast because hydro is common to boys. It didn't bother me that our second baby is a boy again. What bothered me is the hydro. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am having a boy once again!!!

We went to the hospital yesterday (June 21, 2011) for my pregnancy ultrasound. It was raining that day but we were all excited and anxious to know the gender of the baby. IT IS A BOY! YES! Another brat to love :) Some people asked me if I got upset because they know that we are hoping for a girl this time, but seriously, I wasn't upset at all. For me, having this baby is such a blessing that I am accepting with my whole heart. Watching my baby moved inside my belly was a very tearful moment for me. He was so adorable that I want to hug him at that moment.

I am glad that Zac will going to have a baby brother soon and a playmate. Everybody now is curious on how will Zac react once he meet his baby brother. We are preparing him already to meet him by making him rub my belly and telling him that he will soon be a "kuya" (big brother in Filipino language).

Thank you Lord for this wonderful baby. Another baby, another blessing and another person to love :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I miss Florida!

Florida is one of the states that I would keep going back to. We were there September 2010 to visit our relatives and we are thinking of visiting Florida again this year as tourists. We love the weather there and the beaches are really nice.

My relatives who live in Florida own a brand new model of Hyundai car. We have never owned a Hyundai car so my husband and I test drove their car and we were both pretty impressed about how good it ran. My aunt told us that she has been a Hyundai owner since she learned how to drive. Her first Hyundai car was a used car and she owned it for 15 years. From then on, she was impressed at how good her Hyundai's engine had performed so she just kept on buying Hyundai cars. She said that it is always good to buy new cars and used cars in West Palm Beach. Also, according to her, visiting makes them updated about the latest Hyundai car. It is good to go to Coconut Creek when you need an oil change. Test driving my aunt's car made me want to own a Hyundai. I liked her car because it ran smooth and it looked really nice.

After our talk about her car, we ate in a restaurant and we headed straight to the beach. West Palm Beach Florida, Oh! what a great vacation we had there :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beef Caldereta

I have been wanting to cook Beef Caldereta and I have finally decided to cook it today. I am happy with the result eventhough one of my friend said that the peanut butter was a lil bit strong. I think my next attempt of cooking this food will be perfect.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Education is the key to success

My sister-in-law called me on the phone asking for a help about her computer subject. She just went back to school last February of this year and she is taking Physical Theraphy class. She said that she needed my help because I already took Computer Science course in college.

I have never seen what an online class looked like so I was also curious to see what on it. When I browsed her online class, I noticed that you also have classmates there and you also have to participate in the online discussion. There are also deadlines of assignments you have to follow, so it is kinda like the same as the traditional teaching in school.

Her assignment was pretty easy for me because it was only Computer 101. I actually enjoyed helping her with her assignment and that made me realized that online studying is actually very convinient. You can study at the convenience of your home and you don't have to spend gas money going to school.

After helping her with her assignment, we ate dinner and she told me about her transfering to Walden University to get better education. She also said that she already visited to see and inquire about her transfering to their school. So far, I am happy for her because she is taking this education seriously and she is really determined to finish her course.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cherokee Scrub Tops

Once again, I visited hubby's work and I was glad that all his patients loves him. Everytime I talk to his patients, they tell me how good he is and how caring he is to them. I believe them because I know he love his job and he really care about his patients.

There was a simple event in the rehabilitation where he is working when I went there. The residents where playing Bingo. Since hubby was busy talking to his bosses, I watched the residents play bingo while waiting on him. An old woman got the first prize and the prize was a stuffed toy. I was touched because she gave it to me and whispered "Give this to your son". At first I don't want to accept it because I am shy but the wooman insisted and said "I always win in Bingo and I already have lots of stuffed toys". I accepted it with a smile and thanked her. She was a darling :)

After the game, I sat in the cafeteria with a nurse. I chatted with her for a few and we just talked about how cute her pink scrub is. She told me the price of it and for me, it was a pricey. I told her to go to and she could get a better deal. I also told her that that is where I buy my husband's Cherokee Scrub tops. I still want to chat with her but hubby was done with her meeting with his bosses so we had to leave. I was happy though because the meeting was not that long and I met a co-nurse of my hubby plus I got home with a stuffed toy for my son.