Saturday, June 18, 2011

I miss Florida!

Florida is one of the states that I would keep going back to. We were there September 2010 to visit our relatives and we are thinking of visiting Florida again this year as tourists. We love the weather there and the beaches are really nice.

My relatives who live in Florida own a brand new model of Hyundai car. We have never owned a Hyundai car so my husband and I test drove their car and we were both pretty impressed about how good it ran. My aunt told us that she has been a Hyundai owner since she learned how to drive. Her first Hyundai car was a used car and she owned it for 15 years. From then on, she was impressed at how good her Hyundai's engine had performed so she just kept on buying Hyundai cars. She said that it is always good to buy new cars and used cars in West Palm Beach. Also, according to her, visiting makes them updated about the latest Hyundai car. It is good to go to Coconut Creek when you need an oil change. Test driving my aunt's car made me want to own a Hyundai. I liked her car because it ran smooth and it looked really nice.

After our talk about her car, we ate in a restaurant and we headed straight to the beach. West Palm Beach Florida, Oh! what a great vacation we had there :)

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