Saturday, December 24, 2011

Couponing is addictive!

It's true! I find it addictive, enjoyable and of all the addiction in this world, this is the only addiction where you can save money instead of wasting money hehe. I love couponing and I think even if I get rich, I'd still do it because I find it a hobby where I can do both of my favorites, shopping and saving at the same time. Here are some of my haul for the last couple of weeks.

 Total Reg Price : $29.99 each
Total Paid : $4.99 each

All FREE! I only paid $2.38 for tax :D



Thursday, December 1, 2011

My son Liam was born on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)

My husband and I were both happy that our son, Liam, was finally born and he was born on the date we really wanted. I was scheduled to induce on the 11th of November, but on that day, I was already on labor around 5AM, so, the midwife told me that no matter what, he was really destined to be born on that day.

He weighed 8.7 lbs and 22.5 inches in height. He was really pretty long hehe. The labor was not bad because I asked for epidural and it took me 40 minutes to deliver him via normal delivery.His brother Zac welcomed him with a hug, smile and a kiss. Looking at them together makes me always smile.

I am very happy to have Liam as part of our family and thank you Lord for that wonderful blessing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My second haul of groceries

This is the second time I went to the grocery store with my hubby to shop and used coupons. This time, I had the courage to double coupons, but before I do that, I called the store first and confirmed to them if they double coupons. I did that because I want our shopping to be hassle-free. This time, we did not save as much as our first haul, but the savings that we got was not but either. We saved 54% of our grocery which I think is not bad for a beginner in couponing like me.

NOTE: There are 3 more liquid dish washing soaps that were not included in the pic below

San Antonio Orthodontist

We just came home tonight from my husband's cousin's house to visit his new apartment. The apartment he moved in is much better than his old apartment. When we got there, he has visitors from Texas. It was his highschool friend with his wife and two kids. While all the men where talking about football, I had a little chit chat with my cousin's friend's wife. We baked cookies for the kids and made dinner for everybody. In the kitchen while cooking and talking with her, I noticed something in her teeth. Out of curiosity, I asked what it was. She said it called "invisalign" or sometimes called "invisible braces". I have never seen something like that in person although I already heard something about invisible braces.

She told me that her teeth is actually looked much better now. She showed me a picture of her teeth from her Iphone before she get the braces. By comparing her teeth now from the pic of her teeth she showed me, I saw the big improvement in her teeth. She told me that she went to a San Antonio Orthodontist to have her teeth fixed. She said that San Antonio is 70 miles away from where they live but going their to fix her teeth is worth the travel.

I got busy talking to her about her teeth and braces and I forgot the cookies that we were in the oven. We smelled something burning in the oven and so we end up baking another set of cookies, haha! It was a wonderful night talking to her though in spite of burnt cookies I baked, haha!

Oriental rugs

I always dream of moving to a nicer and bigger house. Don't make me wrong, the house we live in right now is a decent house, but my family is getting bigger and we are going to have another addition very soon, so yeah, we definitely need more rooms.

Right now, I am already excited to design our future house. Watching HGTV on cable channel gives me a lot of idea on how to design a house without spending much, how to fix, clean and arrange furniture, how to be creative and inventive in designing the house and lots of tips about buying your dream house. One time, I was watching this episode on HGTV, and one of the designer put some oriental rugs on the floor. Those oriental rugs made the room looked nicer and looked fancier. Those rugs truly made a great difference and it beautified the room. I told myself that I want to have those kind of rugs too when the time comes that we have a new house. I am learning a lot of things and ways on how to design the house because of that channel. And that is why I kept on watching shows there whenever I have time. And yes! I want fully decided to have one of those oriental rugs for our future house.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My first haul of groceries using coupons.

I was so nervous the night before I shop at CVS. Why? because that was the first time that I shopped and used bunches of coupons. I spent hours of planning and computation on how much savings I will get. And of course, I was worried because of the what ifs that might happen. What if they won't accept my coupons? What if my computation is wrong? and more what ifs. I am glad though that everything went well and everything happened according to my plan. Here is the picture of my first haul.

Total Regular Price                               :  $38.12
Total Sale Price                                    :  $18.98
Total Value of Coupons  Used              :  $  4.48
Extra Care Bucks                                 :  $  7.00

Total Amount Paid                                :  $  7.13
Percentage Saved                                 :   81%

Monday, November 7, 2011

Claddagh Rings

Have you ever heard about claddagh rings? It is a traditional Irish ring that that symbolizes love or friendship. I never heard about it til I got intrigued with the ring my friend was wearing. Her ring was gold with a heart and a crown on top of it. I have never seen a design like that so I asked where she got it. She said it was given to her by her Irish boyfriend. I asked her "Is that an engagement ring?" She said laughed and said "No". She pointed me the heart on his ring, she said "See how I wear this ring? It is on the right finger and notice that the heart is pointing away from my fingertip. That means I am romantically involved with someone". I asked "So, is it like a promised ring?" she replied "Kinda, I guess". She also explained to me that if a person is wearing that ring on his or her left finger, that means that person is married. I find it interesting to know different culture of different country and I feel like it is fascinating to know different kind of belief as well.

I am happy for my friend that she is in love and I hope and wishing to see her wearing claddagh ring on her wedding ring finger.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Louder by Charice Pempengco

Here is the latest single of Charice Pempengco. She is really getting better and better. Love her!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

She is getting married!

I could not believe that the niece of my husband is getting married! She just announced that she was engaged last month and now they already have a date for their wedding. After she told us that she was engaged, I kinda had a flashback of the time when she was only 16 yrs old. That was her age when I saw her picture for the first time. And now, she is 22 and will get married! Well, in my honest opinion, there is nothing wrong with her getting married. It just me that could not believe that she has grown so fast and will get married next year.

She was originally here from Indiana and moved to Charleston, North Carolina when she went to military. There is where she met her fiance and the latest news I heard from them is that they are looking Charleston real estate because they are planning of buying a house there. I believe that her fiance is originally from North Carolina so since their jobs are there, they do not want to move else where.

She is a good daughter and good to everybody. I am glad for her that she finally found the right man for her. I wish them happiness and long blessed marriage.

I love being married to a nurse

My husband is the one who most of the time takes care of our little one. He is the one who feed him, change his dirty diaper, play with him, entertain him, change his clothes, give him a bath and put him to sleep. So basically, he is not just our son's daddy, but also a "part time mommy".

It is hard for me to take care of our toddler for now because I am pregnant. I can not chase our son whenever he wants to play. I can not give him a bath because my belly is so big that it is hard for me to bend over and reach him from the tub. I can not hug him and hold him that long because of my big belly and I can not stress myself in taking care of him because stress is not good for a pregnant woman.

My husband does not only take care of our son, he also takes care of me. When I feel sick or I am not doing good, he is there to be my personal nurse and I am happy that nurse is his profession because he knows what to do whenever one of us is sick or not feeling good. So, as a thank you gift for my loving and caring hubby-nurse, I bought him some nursing pins. The first pin says "Nurses Care" and the second pin is a red heart pin. He is such a good nurse and I am blessed to have him as my hubby.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Best way for girls to lose weight

I found this very cool and funny video.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Microsoft Excel Training

  A friend of mine from Hawaii told me that she takes her son to a Story Telling once a week in the library. I never heard of a such a thing as that so I asked her what is that about. She said that that is where toddlers and kids spend their time in the library and they do crafts and listen to story telling. I got interested in it so I called and inquired at the library here in our hometown as to if they have anything such as like that. The librarian told me that they have "Toddler Time" and that is where my son fits because of his age. Toddler Time is every Thursdays and it is 30 minutes of fun for toddlers.

   Aside from that, the librarian asked me if I knew someone who would be interested in volunteering to teach Basic Computer. I told her that I have a BS degree in Computer Science and I am willing to volunteer. She told me that most of the people that I would teach are in their 40's and up or senior citizens who are interested in learning basic computer. It is only a one hour per week volunteer job so it will not occupy a lot of my time so I said "YES! I want to volunteer" besides, I think I am capable of teaching people :)

   I am thinking that accepting that job might make someone get very interested in taking their computer knowledge further. Wouldn't it be nice if one of my future students wanted to take advanced Microsoft Excel Training or other advanced computer training after learning basic computer from me? So yeah, I will volunteer, because I want to help by giving computer lessons to those who can not afford to pay for it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fixing the Honda motorcycle

My father-in-law just bought this motorcycle at Honda last year. He got upset because my sister-in-law borrowed it and hit the curve and from then on, it looked like something has misaligned that needs to be fixed. Aside from that, it needs oil change. He got more upset because the motorcycle's manual is nowhere to be found. I helped him looked for it to solve the problem, but it was no success. We called the manufacturer to ask and buy for a copy of the manual but they have none.

My father-in-law almost give up in looking for its manual,so, what I did to help him was to look over the internet to find where I could purchase its manual. I typed the words Clymer Manuals and there I found a good website where you could purchase repair manuals for your vehicle. I knew there is still a way to have its manual hehe. My father-in-law is the type of person who likes to fix broken things and so as much as possible, he would like to try to fix his stuff first on his own before he takes them to a professional. He normally fix everything by his own though.

Thank God! I found that website or else taking his motorcycle to the repair shop would cost my father-in-law more.

Over Fatigue

So, I came 10 minutes early at work yesterday so I could have some time to eat. I clocked in 11AM and 30 minutes after, I had shortness of breathing. I kept drinking water in between taking order from the customers thinking water will help me feel better. Sadly, it came to the point that I was catching my breath and everything turned black on me. I leaned on the wall and told one of my co-worker that I can't breathe. I drank half glass of water again and came back to work. I took another order from the customer and in the middle of it, I can't talk anymore because I was catching my breath. I apologize to the customer and went to my manager. I asked her to continue my order taking because I am about to pass out. I clocked out right away and I sat down. One of the managers came to me, hand me the company phone and a glass of water.

I called my husband right away and told him to pick me up ASAP. One of our regular customer came to me and she stayed with me til my husband came. She was very nice :) Everybody described me as "clammy" (pale and sweaty) at that moment. I told him that I just want to stay at home and take a rest but my husband insisted to take me to the ER so there, he took me to ER.

Diagnosis? Over Fatigue. The doctor required me to rested for 3 days and gave me work excuse letter. Well, instead of just taking 3 days off, I just filed for maternity leave because I am afraid that there might something bad happen to me and the baby if I stress myself more. And oh! they found out I have UTI so I am taking anti-biotic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A chat with a long time friend

I am so happy to chat with my long time friend especially since she will be here in the US pretty soon. Yes! Her visa got approved and she will be in Chicago pretty soon! I am so happy for her because after her long visa journey, she together with her whole family will move in Chicago.

We talked about the differences of the environment, the people, the laws, the food, the weather and the culture between the US and the Philippines. She is actually excited, anxious and sad of moving here. Excited because she could finally see the US, anxious because she do not know on what her life will be here and sad because she needs to leave her work, relatives and friends in the Philippines. I told her that I know the feeling of that but at least she will move here with her family unlike me that I left my family.

I also told her to prepare for a long hours of flight. I told her that I had 24 hour flight from Manila to Indiana. She was shocked and said "I wish I have a private jet to avoid lay overs". I replied to her "I wish I owned private jet companies", then we both laughed.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I can't wait!

Last night, I could not sleep good because contraction kept waking me up. That was the first time it happened to me. Normally, I only feel contraction whenever I am awake. I went to my weekly appointment today and I am still 3cm. I thought I am farther than that because I feel heavier and sorer and I could not believe that I only gain 1/2 pound from my last week's appointment.

They told me that they will not going to induce me til I am 39 weeks because right now, the baby's lungs are not mature enough. So basically, what will happen is its either I will be induced on my 39th week OR wait til the baby come out on its own. I know I am getting close of  getting there but it seems like the waiting is getting longer. I am praying for safe delivery and a healthy, happy baby boy :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving Here

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

When I first moved here I put all my energy into the house. It needed a lot of TLC and though it had great bones to begin with, it was really neglected over the years and needed a whole world of improvements. I just don’t know what I would do without all the help from my boyfriend Marcus since he’s a great contractor as well as support system. There’s something to be said for having a loving man by your side, I tell you what! I told me to get adt Jacksonville because he was worried about my safety and he changed out all the old doors on my new place to make them more secure. He tells me we’re going to work on the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms next and I just can’t wait for the house to start taking shape! Hopefully someday we’ll get to move into it together – that’s my ultimate goal – and things will really start looking up for this old house. Excuse the pun, that was pitiful!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

laws on overtime

Yesterday, I went to my prenatal appointment with my midwives and they checked my cervix. I knew it! I had already dilated, I just didn't know how dilated I was. Based on my LMP (Last Menstrual Period), my due date is Nov. 11th and based on my second ultrasound, my due date is Nov. 2. But since I am very sure of my LMP, they told me that Nov. 11th is my due date. I had a feeling that I was not going to make it to my due date because of my continuing to work plus my belly is so low now. I would be happy to reach at least the 37th week, because that is considered full term.

When I got home, I called my mom right away and told her about the result of my appointment. She told me to slow down  in working which is what I am actually already doing. My sister told me to completely stop working because she is worried about the baby being premature. I told her not to worry and that I do not accept over time at work because I really can not work long hours anymore. My conversation with her changed right after I said the word "over time". She told me that she thinks that she is not getting paid right for her over time. I told her that she better check the laws on overtime. She better be aware of it because some companies are not fair in giving over time payment, actually, every employee should be aware of employment laws and employee's rights. She promised me that she was going to research and learn her company's overtime policies and to check that the company is adhering to law so she will not be cheated.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Plus size clothing

Christmas is one of my favorite holiday and I can not believe that it will be Christmas few weeks from now. I know, some people do not like Christmas because it is too expensive to buy gifts specially if you have lots of kids in the family, including relatives.

Hubby and I are now preparing for Christmas. We are thinking of getting layaway plan for toys and gifts for our relatives. Actually, it was my husband's idea to do that. In that way, our pockets will not going to hurt so bad because of the large payment that we will be spending. Our payment will be break into smaller ones and spread over the several weeks til Christmas. And secondly, in this way, we would be able to make sure that all our loved ones will going to have gifts.

Speaking of loved ones, of course, I will make sure that my in-laws will going to receive gifts too. I am thinking of ordering some clothing for my mom-in-law in a plus size clothing website. She can not shop a lot now because of her health condition, so I think I will do the shopping for her. Colts is my father-in-law's favorite football team. In fact, he has a lot of Colt's collectible items so I think I will buy him a Colts item.

For me, Christmas is a time of giving gifts and being thankful to all the blessings that we received. And seeing the smile on the faces of the people while they are opening their gifts is one of the joyful thing for me to see. Oh! I can not wait til Christmas :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Custom t-shirt

At work, awhile back, I was talking to a customer and I noticed the shirt he was wearing. On his shirt, there was a picture of a wedding couple, holding each others hands and it said, "Game Over". I laughed at him and asked him where he got the shirt. He said it was a gift to him by a friend. Looking at his shirt made me remember the custom t-shirt I gave my husband.

Last year, I ordered a custom t-shirt online for my hubby for Father's Day. It says on the shirt "New dad 2009". I gave that shirt to him together with a digital photo key chain where he could store photos of our son. He loved the gifts I gave him. In fact, he immediately stored photos on the key chain and wore the custom t-shirt the next day hehe.

Nowadays, I am always seeing lots of custom made shirts and most of them say funny things on the shirt. I think they look cool because you can put and say what ever you want on your shirt. You can say funny things, it can be a novelty shirt, or you can also design your own shirt. In short, you can express yourself with a custom shirt.

I want to have a custom t-shirt for myself but I do not have any idea yet what to put on my shirt. Any idea?

36th week of pregnancy

I am now exactly 36th week of my pregnancy! I could not believe how time fly so fast that I will deliver the baby anytime. Everybody including me thinks that I am going to give birth before my due date because I am carrying the baby too low. All I am praying for is for the baby to stay in my belly for at least one more week because 37 weeks is considered full term. Of course, as much as possible I want the baby to stay longer than that til my due date but I'd be happy if I reach the 37th week. I don't want to be induced this time, I'll just wait til the baby decided himself to be born.

There are lots of signs that I am about to give birth pretty soon. Like, frequent braxton hicks, body pains (back, hip, lower hip etc.) and I easily get tired.  I wish that my delivery will be fast and I won't feel any pain (even labor pain) at all like what happened on my first pregnancy. Please help me God, I know you will be by my side and I also pray for a healthy and happy baby boy, Amen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preparing for my son's upcoming birthday

My son, Zachary, will turn two years old a few months from now and I am so giddy for him. I love birthday parties and so I am already planning on what to do for his upcoming birthday.

Last year, his first birthday party was a simple party. Our relatives are the only ones we invited. but this time, I want his birthday to be a little more special than last year. I am thinking of inviting my friends and their kids as well as our relatives. I am now thinking of what food to prepare. Of course, there should be American and Filipino dishes present on the table. So far, my list of American foods are glazed baked ham, mashed potatoes, beans, probably turkey, sandwich, fruits and salad. For the Filipino food, I will probably cook pansit, menudo, spring rolls, leche flan and hotdogs.

I also need kids birthday party supplies. My son loves Mickey Mouse so the birthday theme will probably be, of course, Mickey Mouse. I want to have Mickey Mouse invitation cards, plates, cups, napkins, silverware, banners, balloons, candles, decorating supplies and a Mickey Mouse pinata.

I can not believe how time flies by so fast. Now, my little baby whom I carried in my belly for 9 months will turn two pretty soon. I love you my son!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Money counter

Few days ago, I hoped to get off work early because we had to attend my niece's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's which is located to a different town where I work. I kept on looking at the clock and hoping time will come so fast because I was so excited for her birthday plus I wanna to Chuck E Cheese because I was pretty sure that my son Zac will be happy to be there.

Before clocking out at work that day, I had to call my manager for her to check and count my register because I wanna make sure that everything is ok before leaving work. Apparently, I had to wait on her for another 10 minutes because she was busy with random stuff which made me more late for the party. And what made me more upset was she had to count the money twice because she had miscounted it. I told myself " I wish they have a money counter here in the office so it will be much easier and faster in counting the money".

After work, hubby was there already in the parking lot waiting on me then we rushed going home so I could change clothes. I quickly changed clothes then we drove off to the party. Thank God! We were there just right on time. The mascot came up on stage and danced with the kids. My son was up the stage too looking around while clapping his hands. He enjoyed the party specially the part where he rode rides. Chuck E Cheese is really a great fun for kids and someday, when my son is already at the age where he could remember the things happening around him, I want to celebrate his birthday there :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New laptop for hubby!!

It was hubby's birthday yesterday and I bought a laptop for him. Oh my! He was so happy that he spent most of the night navigating and exploring his new toy.

I ordered it from a store 5 days before his birthday and I made the shipping rushed to make sure that he will get his gift on time and yay! I got the laptop 2 days before his birthday. I was kinda disappointed though because FedEx just left it in our front porch where anyone could just get it :( But I was thankful that noone got interested about it and I found it before hubby sees it. It was a surprised gift for him. He thought that I don't have a gift ready for his day haha! Another funny thing was, before opening his present, he thought his gift was a gag gift haha!

I so love my husband and I always see to it to make sure his special day will extra special  :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Affordable ink

I had been printing pictures and coupons lately that caused me to ran out of ink. I could not believe how fast I ran out of ink with this new printer we just bought. We bought this printer because the ink was cheap but we did not know that it consumes a lot of ink as well. I am on regret now on why I bought this printer so I asked some of my friends on what kind of printer they got. Most of them suggested me to buy Canon printer because Canon Ink is much affordable and the ink last much longer compare to others.

I want to get rid of this new printer that we just bought and buy a wireless Canon printer that is ink friendly. I want to have a wireless printer this time so I don not need to be close to my printer whenever I have to print something. I might just sell this printer I have now or maybe I will just give it away to one of my sister-in-law since I heard that she is looking for one.

I have now learned that one of the important thing to consider in buying a printer is that be sure that it is ink friendly so you do not have to waste money in buying ink.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I missed summer this year

It is autumn now and I can not believe how fast the summer passed by this year. I think one of the reasons why it was so fast for me is because I was busy working.

Awhile ago, while I was having my break time at work, some crew members were talking about how they spent their summer this year. Some went to the festivals in different towns, some went camping, some went fishing, and others went swimming. I told them that I did a little bit of everything they did except for camping and swimming. One of the crew members told us that she went down to Florida and spent a week there by the beach. She said that beaches there are so nice and I agreed with her because I had been there last year.

Anyway, my conversation with them went from beaches to swimsuits to body figures then, strangely, to breast prosthesis. The crew member who went to Florida told us that one of her cousins had had a breast prosthesis. She said that a breast prosthesis is better than a breast implant because the prostheses are detachable and you do not have to have surgery to have them. She said that she was amazed at how they look and feel so real. She even said that she might have to have a prosthesis, due to her recent bout with breast cancer, next year before summer so she would feel sexier wearing her bikini. After our chit chat about summer, we realized that we have clock in before we all get late.

I kinda missed summer this year specially because I never had the chance to go swimming. There is always next time though and hopefully, my summer will be a blast next year.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple picking

Today is my second time I picked apples in the apple farm and the first time my son Zachary. There were lots of people in the farm this time and we even had a hard time looking for a parking spot. I am actually not into eating apples, I can eat apples BUT I am not crazy about it. I just love picking apples that is why I went out with my friends to pick to day hehe. It was a fun day specially when I saw Zac's face being amazed and fascinated with lots of apples around him :) Below is a pic of my son picking apples.

Vacation house

I was invited by my friend to their newly purchased trailer house by the lake. The house they just bought is pretty nice, not too big, but nice for a vacation house. We spent most of the day by the lake. It was peaceful and very relaxing there. They also have a boat so we used it to fish in the lake. We did not catch any fish though likely because of my son who kept making noises, as toddlers do. I supposed at the time that it disturbed the fish. Maybe it was just the wrong time to fish. I had never fished in my life until that day so perhaps I was doing something wrong. My hubby and I only bought one day's fishing license because we were not really sure if I would like fishing. Fishing IS ok but I guess it's just not for me hehe.

While we were having our lunch with our friends in their new house, we talked about how big the house was and how much they paid for the property. They said that the seller gave them a great price so they did not hesitate to buy it. They also said that they borrowed money to buy the new house with title loans.

I told my husband that someday I want us to have a vacation house where we could sit and relax to escape from stress. Oh well! I can not wait on that time hehe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Victoria's Secret Bra Perks

I am so after to get my FREE Bra from Victoria's Secret that is why I kept on purchasing bra in their store. I love VS (who doesn't??). I am so happy though because they always send me $10 off coupon in the mail with another coupon of FREE lace panty. Those coupons helps me to save more money hehe. Three more purchases then I will get my FREE one! Yay!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love my new phone provider

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wooohoo! Tomorrow is my day off and hubby and I will go shopping at Victoria's Secret once again. I am so happy because I have saved money for shopping since I switched to 2Straight Talk.

I cut my cellphone bill almost in half and what I like the most about 2Straight Talk is I don't have any monthly bills to pay. When I was still with my old network, it drove me insane every time saw extra bills and hidden charges. With 2Straight Talk, I can control my phone spending, Call a friend, have an unlimited talk, text, internet and picture message.

I love sending picture messages to my friends and relatives because I can share with them the precious moments of my son. I am happy because I can still send picture messages unlimited in an affordable way because of 2Straight Talk. And that is not the only thing I like about them, I can also use my Android on Straight Talk make long distance calls without breaking my budget. 

With my old network, I was scammed monthly and I bought it Hook, line and sinker .Now I am older and wiser. I will never go back to them and will stay with my current phone network. If you want to see more of 2Straight Talk customer testimonials, watch this YouTube video:

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss Universe 2011

I am so proud of Shamcey Supsup for winning 3rd runner up in Miss  Universe Pageant last night. She looked stunning, elegant and another thing to be proud of was that she did not had an interpreter to answer the Q&A portion unlike the rest of the finalists.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleaning my husband's closet

I am off to work every weekends and this weekend, one of my chore was to  clean my husband's closet. I told him that I will get rid of his old scrubs that he is not using anymore because they are just taking space in his closet.

He told me not to throw his cherokee nursing uniforms because those are his favorites. I like those scrubs for him too because they last longer compare to his other scrubs. Aside from that, they are also affordable and stylish compare to other brands. In the rehabilitation where he is working at, they don't have to wear the same color of scrub or style of scrub suit as a uniform, which I think is much better so they have the freedom to choose and wear what they want.

After cleaning his closet, I put all his scrubs that he don't want to use any more in a box. We are thinking of donating them to Goodwill so other people could use them. Those scrubs that we will be donating are still wearable, we just want to donate them so my husband has more space for new scrub uniforms.

If you want to buy scrub uniforms for women online, I suggest you check out this website They sell affordable and good quality scrubs that you will surely like. By the way, this link was suggested to me by my husband's sister who is also a nurse.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am happy to have my job

I don't get paid well, but, I am happy. I am happy because I am capable of helping my husband pay some of our bills. I am happy because I have my own money and I do not need to ask money from my husband. I am happy because I have money to shop, hehe. I am happy because I am capable of helping my family in the Philippines by sending them money from my own pocket. I am happy because I do not only earn money but I also get to make work friends. I am happy because through working, I build self-confidence. I am happy because I have a career. I am happy because I feel blessed for having a job. And most of all, I am happy because for me, working is a part of self-fulfillment.

Thank You Lord that I have a job :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sexy Halloween Costumes

I can not believe that Halloween is fast approaching. I love Halloween. For me, it is a special day. Why? Because you can be whatever or whoever you want to be on that day, which I think is pretty cool. You can dress in silly costumes, you can be your favorite artist, and you can also make yourself look scary, funny, or sexy.

I have a sister-in-law that likes to wear Sexy Halloween Costumes every year. She also likes attending Halloween parties. I hope I can attend a party with her this coming Halloween. She told me that she likes purchasing sexy costumes online rather than purchasing them at the store because it is more convenient that way. I agree with her. Last year, I purchased my son's costume online as well as mine. I got my order fast and I got the items in perfect condition.

I am always excited every Halloween but more so this coming year. I am actually now thinking of what I want to be and I am also thinking of the cutest costume for my son. I am looking forward to knocking on our neighbors doors and for trick-or-treating with my son. I also look forward to giving away candies and chocolates for the other trick-or-treaters. I like looking at the kids running around our block, wearing their costumes while carrying their bags of candies with smiles on their faces.

This Halloween will fun and I can not wait for it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Box full of goodies

I am thinking of sending a Balikbayan box (box full of goodies) to my family in the Philippines next month. So, every week or every time I have the extra money, I go to the mall and store to buy somethings that I can put in the box. I already bought shoes for everyone, for my mom and dad, my sisters, my nephew and for our housekeeper. I know all their shoe sizes and their like so I never had a hard time looking for shoes for them.

Last night, I web chat with them and showed them all shoes I bought and they were all so happy and excited to have them. I also asked them on what else do they want me to buy for them. My sisters want tanks and camis because the weather in the Philippines is too hot. I told them that I already knew the perfect store where I could get them. My mom wahts an outfit that will match the shoes I got for her while my dad wants new socks and denim shorts. Aside from those, I am also thinking of sending them chocolates, perfumes and purses, but, I will not going to tell it to them as I want to surprise them :)

Oh! I wish I could see their reactions as soon as they opened the Balikbayan box that I will be sending.

I won in Bingo!

I was so flabbergasted last Saturday when I went to the festival with my husband and son. We played Bingo and I won 4 games out of 8 games we played! My husband and I could not believe how lucky I was that night. We won $40 which paid off our dinner and ticket rides of my son. Wow! Until now, I could not believe how that happened hehe.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mom knows best

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was tired of paying high phone bills so I looked for a reliable and affordable phone provider. Today, every penny counts and I wanted to save as much as I could because I am going to have two sons pretty soon. It's a good thing my mother-in-law gave me this Straight Talk phone. I could not believe how much money I saved. My phone bill was cut in half! Another good thing about Straight Talk is there is no contract at all.

I am under this "All you need plan" which I get unlimited call, text, picture messaging and web access for only $45 a month. So, all in all, in Straight Talk, you get everything you need. I can also call a friend anytime I want because of its wide range coverage. In terms of long distance, I could make a long distance call at a very low cost which I am happy about because through this, I could save a lot more compared to the provider I had. I found more information about Straight Talk from this video.

If you do not believe how good the coverage of Straight Talk is, watch this video testimonial made by another

Straight Talk customer.

As for me, I am really happy with the phone I have now, especially since I do not pay nearly as much for phone bills. I am so glad that my mother-in-law gave me this phone. It is truly mom knows best.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Looking for a dentist

My son has a chipped front tooth and my husband wanted to see a dentist for him. I told him that I think our son is too young to see a dentist but he persuaded me by telling me that the dentist would educate us how we could prevent him from chipping it again and a dentist would teach us proper dental care for babies.

Last month, we decided to find a dentist and make an appointment. When we arrived at the dentist's office, I observed that the office was nice and clean, also, the staff were friendly and accommodating. I filled out a form and was called right away. My son's behavior was quite impressive because he did not cry at all, probably because the dentist was nice and was friendly. After looking at my son's chipped front tooth, the dentist gave him stickers and a toothbrush as a reward for behaving. Oh! and my son was so happy that he could not wait to get home to use his new toothbrush.

On our way home, I talked to my husband and told him that he was right. Going to that dental appointment gave me tips and ideas how to take care of babies teeth. I also got ideas how to make brushing teeth more fun for babies. I learned how to prevent tooth decay and how to avoid cavities for babies. I told my husband that I like our son's dentist and I want him to be our family dentist from now on.

Shopping day with my girlfriends

Last Sunday was the first time that my friends and I shopped all together. Our schedules won't normally jive all at the same time that is why sometimes one of us can not go. Last Sunday was awesome! It was a lot of fun! We went to one of our favorite store which is Kohl's then we proceeded to TjMaxx. Yeah! We are Maxxionista lol! After that, we eat then shopped again hehe. I hope to shop again with my girlfriends pretty soon!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chasing Pavements by Adele

I so love Adele and so far, this is my favorite song she sang.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where to buy plus size clothing

We have this regular customer at work which I admire because even though she is a plus size woman with 2 kids, she dresses up pretty good. Most of her clothes are fashionable which makes her look younger and not so big. One time, during my breaktime, I couldn't stop myself to ask her on where does she buy her clothes. She said that she normally shop online. And I was like " Really? Because I do too!" She told me that she goes to where she buys plus size clothes. When I got home, I went to visit the website she told me and there I found the clothes that she was wearing that day.

The website sells variety of clothing mostly for plus size women. I was actually surprise how affordable prices they have and there I thought that our customer was wearing expensive branded clothes. The website is actually not just for plus size women because they also sell shoes, fragrances and jewelry for men and women. I enjoyed browsing the website specially the shoe section and probably I would purchase a pair of shoes for myself this coming week.

I am not a plus size woman but I am glad to discover this website because at least I know now on where to buy fashionable clothing for my plus size friends. So, the next time I see our customer, I'll thank her for shring this website to me.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love Victoria's Secret!

Today, I treat myself because I worked hard these past few days. Hubby and I went to Victoria's Secret to buy some lingerie :D I love VS and I always feel sexy whenever I am wearing VS :D I know I am pregnant, but being pregnant doesn't mean you have to look and feel fat at all! So yeah! Thank you VS for making me feel sexy eventhough I am pregnant :D

Friday, July 29, 2011

Coupons and Freebies!

I was so happy this morning after checking my mailbox. I received lots of freebies and coupons. Look what I got:

1. Free Victoria's Secret Panty (no purchase necessary) + VS card
2. Free Pantene shampoo or conditioner worth $4.99
3. Free sample of Parent's Choice milk powdered formula
4. $5.00 off coupon on any $10 purchase at ULTA
5. $1.00 off coupon on any Pampers Wipes

I was so happy to get all of those freebies and coupons because I would definitely use them ALL! I was actually thingking of buying face foundation and thank God! ULTA gave me coupons. Woohoo!

If you want to get freebies and coupons like what I got, just go to there subscribe on their websites or like them on Facebook and they will send you coupons and freebies :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everyone's Here!

Posted by Arden Wallace

I’m not trying to be cocky, but I am the most well-liked guy on our street thanks to my Sunday football setup. Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve always been the guy that had the best set-up, and I pride myself on that. I have a flat screen in every room (including the bathroom so you don’t miss a second), satellite from so we can rewind and review plays, tons of seating, and I always have snacks for everyone. I seriously don’t care if one person comes over to watch with me, but I watch every Sunday without fail. I’m not even kidding you one weekend there were over 40 guys at my house. I just wish that girls were as in to football as the men! If there were a way to get 40 girls over, I guess I should have done that instead. I’m half kidding, and truly do enjoy my Sunday guy-time. I think I’ll start charging admission, or asking the guys to at least bring some of their single girl friends!

Friday, July 22, 2011

6 month pregnant

I am now exactly 6 month pregnant :D On my last appointment, they said that so far I gained 13 lbs which is not bad although I feel like my belly is big for a six month pregnant woman hehe. So far, my pregnancy is doing great. I don't feel nauseated, sick and dizzy. My blood pressure is good and as well as my pee test results (they didn't see any bacteria) and my vision is still the same.

Next month, I will going to have GD (Gestational Diabetes) test. They want to see how much sugar I have to avoid having GD. I will also going to have another ultrasound to make sure that the baby is really negative in Hydronephrosis. We are hoping that everything will turn out good and through the rest of my pregnancy and delivery. Oh! I can't wait to see my baby again moving in belly :D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beginner in Couponing

I like watching the show "Extreme Couponing" on TLC because it amazes me how those people take couponing so seriously that it takes them hours and hours of their time in cutting and collecting coupons. All their time and effort are worthy it anyway because they save bunches of money plus they get freebies.

Yes, I wanna be like one of them. I also want to save money in grociries that is why I like watching that show and I like talking to my friends who do the couponing. They inspire me, give me tips, they tell me on what's on sale and they make me want to save more hehe.

I am a beginner in couponing and to tell you the truth, I have this feeling of being terrified in using coupons and getting stuff for free in stores. I received this coupon from John Frieda two months ago which I could get FREE foam hair color for not more than $12.99 of value. And yes! It only took me yesterday to had the courage to go to the store and get my free hair color lol! Together with that coupon is another coupon I got from Walmart that doesn't have any expiration date. It is a free tub of Parent's choice diaper wipes. I got it from the hospital when I gave birth to my first son Zac which was a year and half ago lol!

After I got those freebies from the store, I felt to happy because I couldn't believe that I really could get stuff for free!! Now, I am thinking of saving, cutting and organizing coupons from newspapers. I actually have coupons already but I haven't had any time of cutting them. But later tonight, I will cut them and organize them and I'll start using coupons now everytime I shop. My experience from yesterday gave me a little bit more of a courage to shop with coupons and I hope that someday I would be like one of those people I watch on Extreme Couponing hehe.

Thank You John Frieda and Walmart for my freebies!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Father and Son

I am so happy that my husband is now having fun watching our son while I am at work. It used to be just me watching our son but now, he watches Zac while I am at work. My husband told me that it is fun being with Zac and I was happy to hear to hear that from him. Not all dads has the temper and patient in watching a toddler and I understand why. But for me, every parent,wether the mother or the father, should always spend time to their growing kids.

Time fly so fast and if you don't spend time with with your kids then you as a parent is missing the most wonderful moment in your life. I believe that being a parent is not just providing their kids needs (food, clothing etc.), it is also about raising your kids, teaching them things they need to know and molding them to be a good person.

I love watrching my two boys laughing and tickling each other. Sooner I will going to have 3 boys. Yay!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another car decision making

My husband was impressed at the recent car purchased I made. He said that I made the right decision in buying the car, but of course, I told him that his dad helped me in checking the engine of the car to make sure that everything worked great. The car I have chosen to buy is a Saturn. Aside from the fact that my car looks decent, another reason why I like it is because it is a fuel efficient car. As the gas fuel increases everyday, I think having a car that is good on gas is something we should consider in these times.

Next year, we might buy another vehicle, but this time, it is my husband's turn to have a new one. Right now, he has a Dodge truck. He loves his truck but there are times that we keep on spending money for its transmission problem which is expensive to fix. We don't want to give up on his truck because it is something we want to keep. When we are sometimes in doubt on how to fix our car problem, we seek information through This website is very useful because we can read manufacturer recalls and reported problems.

So far, my husband and I are still undecided if wether we will just sell our truck and buy a new vehicle or we will just keep the truck and buy another vehicle. Well, we still have a year to think about it but as much as possible, I would rather keep the truck and just buy another vehicle.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 New Laws in Indiana

Yesterday, July 1, 2011, while most of the Hoosiers where asleep, they passed hundreds of new laws in Indiana. One of the law is NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. Although they specifically said No TEXTING while driving, wether you are talking or checking emails on the phone, police officer will pull you over once he caught you on the phone while driving.

I actually like this new law because being on the phone while driving is NOT safe not only for the driver but also to his passengers and to other drivers as well. There are lots of people who got into accidents and some people even died while doing this.

I am so glad that they passed this new law to lower down the number of car accidents here in Indiana.

My Native American husband

Indiana is a flat plain except that there are some little hills or what they called "mounds". Mounds are a place where Native Americans lived or were buried. How did I know about this? Every time that my husband and I go for a ride, he will point to me every mound he sees and tells me a little bit of something about Native American Culture and tribes.

My husband is part Native American, Caucasian and German. He got his Native American descent on his mother's side and you can actually tell that he is part Native American by looking at his facial bone structure. He told me that there are several Native American Tribes and his mom's tribe was Sioux.

He has always been proud to be part Native American which explains why we have some dolls and figures of Native American. We also have this huge dream catcher and a small one for our baby's room. He also has this big tattoo of Native American Arm Band on his right arm which I really like.

There are so many facts and information that interest me about Native Americans and their tribes. I am glad that my husband has knowledge about it though and he always shares it with me. I keep telling him that I wish I could see a real Native Tribe and a full blooded Native Americans.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Hydronephrosis noted

My husband and I were so happy to hear from my doctor that there was no hydronephrosis noted on our second baby's ultrasound. I had my ultrasound done last week and we are noe relieved after knowing the result. Our first son, Zachary, has a congenital hydronephrosis. So when the technician told me that we are having another boy again this time. My heart pump so fast because hydro is common to boys. It didn't bother me that our second baby is a boy again. What bothered me is the hydro. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am having a boy once again!!!

We went to the hospital yesterday (June 21, 2011) for my pregnancy ultrasound. It was raining that day but we were all excited and anxious to know the gender of the baby. IT IS A BOY! YES! Another brat to love :) Some people asked me if I got upset because they know that we are hoping for a girl this time, but seriously, I wasn't upset at all. For me, having this baby is such a blessing that I am accepting with my whole heart. Watching my baby moved inside my belly was a very tearful moment for me. He was so adorable that I want to hug him at that moment.

I am glad that Zac will going to have a baby brother soon and a playmate. Everybody now is curious on how will Zac react once he meet his baby brother. We are preparing him already to meet him by making him rub my belly and telling him that he will soon be a "kuya" (big brother in Filipino language).

Thank you Lord for this wonderful baby. Another baby, another blessing and another person to love :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I miss Florida!

Florida is one of the states that I would keep going back to. We were there September 2010 to visit our relatives and we are thinking of visiting Florida again this year as tourists. We love the weather there and the beaches are really nice.

My relatives who live in Florida own a brand new model of Hyundai car. We have never owned a Hyundai car so my husband and I test drove their car and we were both pretty impressed about how good it ran. My aunt told us that she has been a Hyundai owner since she learned how to drive. Her first Hyundai car was a used car and she owned it for 15 years. From then on, she was impressed at how good her Hyundai's engine had performed so she just kept on buying Hyundai cars. She said that it is always good to buy new cars and used cars in West Palm Beach. Also, according to her, visiting makes them updated about the latest Hyundai car. It is good to go to Coconut Creek when you need an oil change. Test driving my aunt's car made me want to own a Hyundai. I liked her car because it ran smooth and it looked really nice.

After our talk about her car, we ate in a restaurant and we headed straight to the beach. West Palm Beach Florida, Oh! what a great vacation we had there :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beef Caldereta

I have been wanting to cook Beef Caldereta and I have finally decided to cook it today. I am happy with the result eventhough one of my friend said that the peanut butter was a lil bit strong. I think my next attempt of cooking this food will be perfect.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Education is the key to success

My sister-in-law called me on the phone asking for a help about her computer subject. She just went back to school last February of this year and she is taking Physical Theraphy class. She said that she needed my help because I already took Computer Science course in college.

I have never seen what an online class looked like so I was also curious to see what on it. When I browsed her online class, I noticed that you also have classmates there and you also have to participate in the online discussion. There are also deadlines of assignments you have to follow, so it is kinda like the same as the traditional teaching in school.

Her assignment was pretty easy for me because it was only Computer 101. I actually enjoyed helping her with her assignment and that made me realized that online studying is actually very convinient. You can study at the convenience of your home and you don't have to spend gas money going to school.

After helping her with her assignment, we ate dinner and she told me about her transfering to Walden University to get better education. She also said that she already visited to see and inquire about her transfering to their school. So far, I am happy for her because she is taking this education seriously and she is really determined to finish her course.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cherokee Scrub Tops

Once again, I visited hubby's work and I was glad that all his patients loves him. Everytime I talk to his patients, they tell me how good he is and how caring he is to them. I believe them because I know he love his job and he really care about his patients.

There was a simple event in the rehabilitation where he is working when I went there. The residents where playing Bingo. Since hubby was busy talking to his bosses, I watched the residents play bingo while waiting on him. An old woman got the first prize and the prize was a stuffed toy. I was touched because she gave it to me and whispered "Give this to your son". At first I don't want to accept it because I am shy but the wooman insisted and said "I always win in Bingo and I already have lots of stuffed toys". I accepted it with a smile and thanked her. She was a darling :)

After the game, I sat in the cafeteria with a nurse. I chatted with her for a few and we just talked about how cute her pink scrub is. She told me the price of it and for me, it was a pricey. I told her to go to and she could get a better deal. I also told her that that is where I buy my husband's Cherokee Scrub tops. I still want to chat with her but hubby was done with her meeting with his bosses so we had to leave. I was happy though because the meeting was not that long and I met a co-nurse of my hubby plus I got home with a stuffed toy for my son.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first car

Yay! I have my own car now! Obviously it is not the latest model. It is a 2002 Saturn but I am happy about it because it was very obvious that the first owner of the car took good care of it. We got it yesterday and we still have to wait for 1 week to get the title from BMV. As soon as we get it, we will buy a plate and insurance for it so I could drive it.

It has 4 door, automatic, A/C, Power Windows, Power Door Lock, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Power Seat, AM/FM Stereo, CD player, Dual Airbags , Leather Seats and most of all, it is a gas efficient car. The mileage is not that high, it has 118k miles. All the wheels are in good shape and they look good as new, so probably it will take 2 more years for me to buy new tires. Oh well! I still have to learn things about car stuff and I still have to learn how to drive. Hopefully I'll find someone who is patient and brave enough to teach me how to drive lol!

Wow! I can't believe I have my own car now!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freschetta saved our dinner!

This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

My family and I are crazy now with FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™. I love cooking but there are times that I am too tired to cook specially when I get home from work so I am happy that Freschetta is there to save our dinner hehe. They have 8 flavors but my favorite among them is the Chicken Spinach Mushroom, hubby's is BBQ Special Chicken.

I love the thin and crispy crust style of their pizza plus the taste of it is really addictive. Actually, my friend is the one who recommended me this pizza and when I went to the store, I bought only 1 of their pizza to try it. And from then on, I kept buying it and tried almost all their flavors. My dad-in-law is not even into pizza til he tried Freschetta's Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro. I like their packing too. It is vibrant plus the pictures on it makes you hungry to the point that you would want to try it hehe. But what it shows on the packing is true. You would love it and you will definitely buy it again and again because of the good flavor.
To my likeness of this pizza, I followed them on Twitter and liked them on Facebook and that's where I discovered that they are giving away weekly prizes all through out the rest of 2011. And also on Facebook, you will be able to print out $2.00 off coupon by just simply giving your name and email address after you like them. I am thinking of having Freschetta again tonight but this time I will have their Hawaiian flavor. YAY!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

My first job

There are so many people having hard time looking for a job to support their family and yes I was one of them. I feel so blessed to get hired at McDonald's as a crew. To tell you frankly, this is not my dream job but I see this as a window to good opportunity. The McDonald's where I am working now is not far from where we live. It is only 5 minute drive.

I started working yesterday, and they put me at the cashier at the drive thru. Oh my! It was sooo busy and I loved it! One of the crew was there training me how to handle the cash register and teaching me almost everything in the drive thru. In my opinion, drive thru is much busier than the dine-in, not sure if its like that in most fastfood or it is only in our branch. But anyway, so far so good and I am so excited to learn and work more.

It was so funny because the night before I work, I could not sleep at all because of excitement lol! I woke up 4am and was able to get sleep at 8am. I woke up again 11am, took care of my son and I felt sleepy at 2PM where I should get ready for work LOL! I took a 30 minute nap and left home at 3:30 for my 4pm shift. Was so sleepy when I got home from work that I just crashed in bed.

I am happy that I have supportive husband that took care of my son while I was at work and will watch him whenever he is not scheduled to work. My dad-in-law is supportive too. Actually he is the one that will babysit Zac today hehe. And guess what? Hubby will buy me a car at the end of this month so I could have my own ride going to work! Woohooo!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 29th

This is the last year that I will be on my 20's. I does really bother me none like other people. For me, age is just a number and it is the person's personality that makes him/her look and feel old or young.

Last year, hubby surprised me with a pair of turquoise earrings which is the birthstone of our son. This time, he bought me a pair of diamond earrings which is my birthstone. He actually gave his gift to me 4 days before my birthday because he said he can't wait to see my reaction hehe. I loved his gift and I was so happy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Honey baked ham with pineapple recipe

I use to baked slices of ham but this time I baked a 7.32 lb ham. I was scared at first to bake because I haven't baked a ham this big. I was glad though because the outcome was really tasteful and good. Actually my dad-in-law and my hubby was impressed. YAY Me!!! hehehe. My dad-in-law said that "This is what hams suppose to taste. I haven't tasted good ham since I was a kid" OMG! I couldn't believe he said that and guess what? Hubby ate ALOT of ham and he said that it was really good. YAY ME AGAIN!!! lol! So guys, here is the recipe I used.

Honey Baked Ham with Pineapple Recipe


7 lb. uncooked ham
1 big can of pineapple chunks
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup light brown sugar


1. Preheat the oven into 325 degrees.
2. Place the uncooked ham in the oven, fat side up. Cover it loosely with aluminum foil for 2 1/2 hour.
3. Drain the pineapple chunks and set aside the juice.
4. Combine the juice with honey and light brown sugar. Mix them all together.
5. After 2 1/2 hour, baste the ham with honey mixture and garnish the ham with pineapple chunks.
6. Put the ham back in the oven covered with foil for another 1 hour.
7. Remove the ham when it reached the temperature of 160 degrees.
8. Enjoy your entree!

NOTE: The formula in baking ham is 20-25 mins per pound.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wheelchair, the adaptive equipment

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every time I go with hubby to work for a visit, I always meet different residents in the rehabilitation. Some residents can walk, some can barely walk and some are in wheelchairs. Some of them are friendly and some are not. Some can talk good and some can only say few words. Some can feed themselves and some needs assistance in eating. No matter what their conditions are, I am glad that there are medical people who help them.

I also noticed that CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant) are the one who do the hardest part of taking care of them. I am talking about feeding, giving a bath, fixing their bed and walking them. I told my husband that I am a CNA graduate in the Philippines and although I never practiced being a CNA, I think I could not do the responsibilities of being a CNA. I personally have seen how hard they work and you need to have lots of strength to do their job and I don't think I can handle their job.

My husband is a nurse and he told me that he is thankful to the person who invented wheelchair because it makes disabled person to wheel around and it makes the caregiver's job more easier. It is not good and wise to just simply order or buy wheelchair online. The patient or the disabled person need to be seen so they could measure and design the appropriate wheelchair that will fit the patient.

NMEDA is an non-profit association that promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people. They have dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. NMEDA dealers are the one who sells handicap vans for disabled people while on the other hand, QAP is the only nationally accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. So if you are looking for a perfect wheelchair, go to NMEDA and enter your zip code to see the qualified dealer near you.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pink Lemonade

I haven't updated my blog for awhile because my son was in the hopsital for 2 days due to Gastrointestinal. When we got home from the hospital I did lots of chores and that included tons of dirty laundry. My son still has cough and cold and I am hoping that he will feel better soon. Anyway, I think I figured out already on why is it my tummy feels weird that I always want to throw up. And that is because of the soda. I felt like my belly was acidic so I decided to totally stopped drinking soda and there here I am now! No more belly pain. I switched into drinking water and pink lemonade now and pink lemonade is my latest fave hehe.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sinigang na Baboy

I so love Sinigang na baboy and it one of my cravings. I decided to have the courage to cook it last three days ago because I so miss eating it. I always hear to people that it is not hard to cook sinigang but I just didn't had the courage to cook it til I was really craving for it lol! Hubby and I went to the store and bought some ingredients and I cooked it right away. I was happy with the result of the taste and the truth is, I had been eating it for 3 consecutive days already lol! Oh my! I will cook Sinigang again for sure :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why advertise?

An Advertising Agency can make your basic ideas into spectacular ideas. We sometimes have ideas but we don't know how and where to start, so hiring professional and knowledgeable people about promoting businesses and campaigns is a smart move to boost up and increase the number of customers and clients.

There are many places where to advertise. There is the television, radio, newspaper, magazine and flayers. But now a days, advertising in blogs is getting popular. Why? Many people likes to read blogs and the more traffic the blog has, the more chances of your ads get noticed.

Let's face it, having a business is not that easy to handle. You also have to also compete with other businesses. And for your business to be noticeable, advertising is the answer. It will promote your products and/or services you offer. Some businesses cut back on advertising which for me is a no! no! How else would people know your special sales and promotions? If you will not advertise, customers might think that there is something wrong going on to your business or they might think that things are not going well.

If you are in the business industry, you should not lose hope if every thing in your business is falling apart. You have to think of strategies to attract customers. Be creative and be positive. But if you are not sure of what you are doing better consult experienced people, because they know how to make the buzz in the business and I am pretty sure that you will get the result you want.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hope this 1st trimester will be over soon!

I really don't like the first trimester of pregnancy. I'll always be up early in the morning starving but just thinking of eating something makes me wanna throw up already, and if I don't eat, my ulcer will attack me :( So I have no choice but to force feed myself. This is my second pregnancy and there are times that I can't stop comparing this pregnancy from the first one. My first trimester on our first kid was not this bad. I had morning sickness but I still have good appetite. Oh well! I am not even sure on what is making me sick these past few days. I am thinking its the prenatal vitamins I am taking. Oh my! I can't wait til this first trimester is over.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First day of Spring

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today is the first day of Spring! I have been waiting on this day because I am sick of the bad cold winter season. I love Spring! I would be able to see flowers all over again and green trees and grass. At last! I would be able to say goodbye to coats and jackets (for the mean time) and say hello to dresses and swimwear.

Speaking of women's swimwear, I saw this very nice two piece swimwear online and it look really nice. I would like to buy it because it looks really hot and I am sure that my husband would want to see me on this hehe. I am pregnant right now but I think this swimwear would fit my big belly because of its low rise bikini bottom. The website where I will purchase this swimwear actually sells not only swimwear but they also sell a lot of nice clothing for a very affordable price.

I also signed up for their Express e-mail for a chance to win one of ten $200 Express GiftCards. Yay! I hope I win so I could buy more clothing for Spring. I am also thinking of buying swimshorts for my husband so we could walk on the beach together with new swimwears. Oh wow! I am so glad that it Spring has sprung.

So if you also want to have a chance to win $200 giftcard, sign up for their Express e-mail and read their sweepstakes rules.



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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am pregnant!

My hubby and I are both so happy that our son will soon going to have a sibling to play with. Before we took the pregnancy test yesterday, I already had a strong feeling that I am pregnant because I felt the symptoms already. Symptoms that I felt when I was pregnant to our son.

We were extremely happy that there is another addition to our family and that our family is growing. I love being a mother and expecting another baby this year is what we have been prayer for since last year. It was actually weird because last Ash Wednesday, I went to attend the mass with my son and I prayed. I prayed for blessing and I didn't expect that this is the blessing that we will get from our Father above.

My friends and families are excited and happy for us. Zachary don't know yet what is happening and I am excited for his reaction when he sees and touch his sibling :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Free TENA Sample

Walmart is once again giving away free TENA sample. I just signed up and I want to share you guys the link where you could get the free sample. Hurry! While there are still available sample :)

Seasons greetings from Vancouver

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

The time was right for us to travel to Canada this holiday season. We were going to travel by train with my uncle, who is an ordained priest, but he canceled last week and we were left with two choices. We opted to take a rental car instead of a plane flight to Vancouver, British Columbia. My wife seems to think that the best car in the world is made by Plymouth, so instead of renting a Toyota we opted for a Plymouth. This was a small price to pay for getting to experience one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities on the West Coast. Before we left the house, we set our home security alarm (ADT systems) and put the dogs in our neighbor's kennel.

Christmas in a foreign city is something quite out of the ordinary. The room service we received in the hotel was second to none. The flower gardens in Victoria were closed for a couple days due to the weather. What impressed my wife and I the most about Vancouver was the coffee and architecture. We're from Pasadena and everything we see is very cookie cutter themed. The unique downtown, excluding all the homeless, had us snapping pictures right and left. Instead of driving back down, we decided that we would in fact take the night train that we originally wanted.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

My son woke me up around 8AM wanting some milk. I turned on the TV because I couldn't go back to sleep after giving his bottle. I was stunned on what I saw on the news about the big eathquake and tsunami in Japan. My first thought was about my two friends who lives in Japan. I immediately messaged them on Facebook and thank God! They weren't in danger.

It was really a heartbreaking news watching the effect of the catastrophes they had. Lots of people lost their property, lots of people died and missing and lots of people lost their source of living. My heart goes to all the people in Japan specially those who were affected by the tragedy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banana Nut Bread

Everybody here in the house likes banana. Yesterday, I noticed there were ripe bananas so I came up with the idea of making banana nut bread. I am glad that they liked it and I will soon make another one since it was sold like pancakes hehe. I am so proud of myself because I am improving in cooking and baking. I am still hoping I could make a cake one day :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad driving record

We drove to the store late last night (like what we do most of the time) to shop for our needs and some wants. I am getting hooked into cooking so I bought lots of seasonings, cooking ingredients and pans that I will need in cooking. Hubby bought some DVDs and Wii accessories. Aside from the diapers and baby food we bought for our son, we also bought him a toy. So all in all, we were glad and thankful that we were able to pay our bills and bought our needs and wants.

On our way home, we saw an accident happened on the road. It was not bad but it slowed down the traffic. I told my husband "I am glad that we have a car insurance because we never knew on what will happened in case of accident like that." Hubby said "I know, it is better to be safe than sorry". I asked him about the reasons on why the cost of car insurance increase. He said "Your policy rate will increase if you have bad driving record or if you are married to someone with bad driving record and if you don't pay your insurance on time". He also added that it is very important to know first the accident coverage before purchasing an insurance.

Aside from most of the states here in the US requires everybody who has a vehicle to have a car insurance, it is also good to have it because we could be protected in the event of catastrophe.

Friday, March 4, 2011

General Tso Chicken

This is the first time I cooked General Tso and I am happy that hubby liked it. I decided to cook it because I knew that this is his favorite. It consumed me a lot of time cooking this but in spite of it, I was happy with the result of the taste. I served it with fried rice.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sights in Barcelona

When we went down to Florida last August 2010 to meet my relatives from London, one of my cousin was not able to come. He is also from London. His mom said that he could not get another leave at work because he already used his leave when he went to Barcelona with his friend.

Her mom showed us some of his pictures when he visited Barcelona and oh my! the place where he stayed at was nice. My aunt said that there were lots of self catering apartments you can find online, but the ones they got was affordable, clean and accessible to stores, bars, museum and shopping centers.

Sights in Barcelona are breathtaking. I can say that based on the pictures that my aunt showed me. Barcelona has lots of big Cathedrals that is a must see. So I asked my aunt about how my cousin adjusted with the food there. She said "According to him, there were many restaurants and cafes that serves good food there".

We finished are chat after eating salad dessert. I still could not take out of my mind about Barcelona, Spain though because it is always my dream to tour Europe one day.

Out there on my own -Thia Megia on American Idol Top 24

OMG! Her performance last night on Idol was superb! Her voice was really good. Another thing I like about her is a humble girl and she don't act like a diva. She don't try to be somebody else. Go THIA! You have my vote :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink Scrubs

Hubby was scheduled to work 3 weekdays and doubles for weekends for the last couple of weeks and still has the same schedule for the next weeks. Yeah! He is so busy working and I am busy washing his nursing scrubs and uniforms almost every other day. He has lots of nursing uniforms but for some reason, he only wear 2 pairs of scrubs. Don't ask me why because I don't know.

I finally decided to lurk for scrub uniforms online to buy more so I don't have to wash his uniforms two or three times a week. While browsing over the internet, this pink scrub caught my attention and I jokingly asked hubby if he wants to wear pink haha! He replied "My patients and fellow nurses and doctors will lose their respect on me after seeing me in pink" then he laughed hard.

I am glad I married a man that is a good provider, who always think of our future and most of all, has a sense of humor. He most of the time make me laugh even though he is tired from work. Anyway, I am excited to receive 3 sets of nursing scrubs I ordered online. I hope to get my order pretty soon.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Professional carpet cleaning tips

It is Sunday today! I want to start my week with a clean house so I normally clean our house every Sunday. I do laundry, sweep and mop the floor, clean the bathroom, dust furniture, throw all the left overs to the trash can, change bedding and clean the carper floor. So normally, I am tired every Sunday night.

While I was cleaning the carpet floor in our bedroom, I noticed that there was a stain that I can't remove. So I went online to search for professional carpet cleaning tips, followed the tips online, and voila! the stain was gone :) During my cleaning time, I got interrupted when my friend from Austin, TX called me on the phone. She told me that her house has was damaged by the wind this winter and she needs help to fix it. I told her that first, I don't know how to wind repair and secondly, I am here from Indiana which is miles far from where she lives. She just laughed at me. Her husband is in the military and was deployed so she is basically the "man" in the house.

I told her "Why not search over the internet for construction services that could help you?" She replied "How?" I answered "Try to type
wind damages austin or wind storm damage austin. I am sure there will be lots of results you could find". She said "Good idea! Thank you and I will try that tomorrow morning and hopefully our house will be fixed before husband comes home". We hung up the phone and I returned in cleaning our house.

My day today was a little bit stressful because of all the chores I did plus I had to take care of our son. Oh well! at least I could start my week tomorrow with a clean house.