Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad driving record

We drove to the store late last night (like what we do most of the time) to shop for our needs and some wants. I am getting hooked into cooking so I bought lots of seasonings, cooking ingredients and pans that I will need in cooking. Hubby bought some DVDs and Wii accessories. Aside from the diapers and baby food we bought for our son, we also bought him a toy. So all in all, we were glad and thankful that we were able to pay our bills and bought our needs and wants.

On our way home, we saw an accident happened on the road. It was not bad but it slowed down the traffic. I told my husband "I am glad that we have a car insurance because we never knew on what will happened in case of accident like that." Hubby said "I know, it is better to be safe than sorry". I asked him about the reasons on why the cost of car insurance increase. He said "Your policy rate will increase if you have bad driving record or if you are married to someone with bad driving record and if you don't pay your insurance on time". He also added that it is very important to know first the accident coverage before purchasing an insurance.

Aside from most of the states here in the US requires everybody who has a vehicle to have a car insurance, it is also good to have it because we could be protected in the event of catastrophe.

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