Monday, March 28, 2011

Hope this 1st trimester will be over soon!

I really don't like the first trimester of pregnancy. I'll always be up early in the morning starving but just thinking of eating something makes me wanna throw up already, and if I don't eat, my ulcer will attack me :( So I have no choice but to force feed myself. This is my second pregnancy and there are times that I can't stop comparing this pregnancy from the first one. My first trimester on our first kid was not this bad. I had morning sickness but I still have good appetite. Oh well! I am not even sure on what is making me sick these past few days. I am thinking its the prenatal vitamins I am taking. Oh my! I can't wait til this first trimester is over.

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  1. Sometimes prenatal vitamins can make you sick Pink. I remember no'ng buntis ako kay Evie, I had to change my vitamins dahil di ako hiyang sa prescription ng OB ko.