Monday, March 14, 2011

Seasons greetings from Vancouver

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

The time was right for us to travel to Canada this holiday season. We were going to travel by train with my uncle, who is an ordained priest, but he canceled last week and we were left with two choices. We opted to take a rental car instead of a plane flight to Vancouver, British Columbia. My wife seems to think that the best car in the world is made by Plymouth, so instead of renting a Toyota we opted for a Plymouth. This was a small price to pay for getting to experience one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities on the West Coast. Before we left the house, we set our home security alarm (ADT systems) and put the dogs in our neighbor's kennel.

Christmas in a foreign city is something quite out of the ordinary. The room service we received in the hotel was second to none. The flower gardens in Victoria were closed for a couple days due to the weather. What impressed my wife and I the most about Vancouver was the coffee and architecture. We're from Pasadena and everything we see is very cookie cutter themed. The unique downtown, excluding all the homeless, had us snapping pictures right and left. Instead of driving back down, we decided that we would in fact take the night train that we originally wanted.

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