Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink Scrubs

Hubby was scheduled to work 3 weekdays and doubles for weekends for the last couple of weeks and still has the same schedule for the next weeks. Yeah! He is so busy working and I am busy washing his nursing scrubs and uniforms almost every other day. He has lots of nursing uniforms but for some reason, he only wear 2 pairs of scrubs. Don't ask me why because I don't know.

I finally decided to lurk for scrub uniforms online to buy more so I don't have to wash his uniforms two or three times a week. While browsing over the internet, this pink scrub caught my attention and I jokingly asked hubby if he wants to wear pink haha! He replied "My patients and fellow nurses and doctors will lose their respect on me after seeing me in pink" then he laughed hard.

I am glad I married a man that is a good provider, who always think of our future and most of all, has a sense of humor. He most of the time make me laugh even though he is tired from work. Anyway, I am excited to receive 3 sets of nursing scrubs I ordered online. I hope to get my order pretty soon.

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