Sunday, February 27, 2011

Professional carpet cleaning tips

It is Sunday today! I want to start my week with a clean house so I normally clean our house every Sunday. I do laundry, sweep and mop the floor, clean the bathroom, dust furniture, throw all the left overs to the trash can, change bedding and clean the carper floor. So normally, I am tired every Sunday night.

While I was cleaning the carpet floor in our bedroom, I noticed that there was a stain that I can't remove. So I went online to search for professional carpet cleaning tips, followed the tips online, and voila! the stain was gone :) During my cleaning time, I got interrupted when my friend from Austin, TX called me on the phone. She told me that her house has was damaged by the wind this winter and she needs help to fix it. I told her that first, I don't know how to wind repair and secondly, I am here from Indiana which is miles far from where she lives. She just laughed at me. Her husband is in the military and was deployed so she is basically the "man" in the house.

I told her "Why not search over the internet for construction services that could help you?" She replied "How?" I answered "Try to type
wind damages austin or wind storm damage austin. I am sure there will be lots of results you could find". She said "Good idea! Thank you and I will try that tomorrow morning and hopefully our house will be fixed before husband comes home". We hung up the phone and I returned in cleaning our house.

My day today was a little bit stressful because of all the chores I did plus I had to take care of our son. Oh well! at least I could start my week tomorrow with a clean house.

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