Friday, February 25, 2011

Shoes to wear for Spring

We spent our day today at the mall looking for hush puppies shoes I want. I like that brand of shoes since I was a teenager because they make good quality. As we were looking for the shoes I want, I found this sofft shoes that looks pretty neat. I tried it and it was nice and comfortable so I decided to buy it instead.

We got hungry and our son was throwing a fist already because of hungriness, so we decided to eat in a buffet restaurant. I always forget the word "diet" every time I hear the word "all-you-can-eat" lol! I ate my favorite seafood pasta, beef and broccoli, Gen Tzo chicken, grilled cauliflower and desserts. It is hard to fight food temptation specially if you got tired from shopping and you are in a buffet restaurant hehe.

So we went home with a smile on my face because I bought a pair of shoes and my belly was stuffed. The next shoes I want to buy is bed stu shoes. I heard that they make good quality leather boots. I will buy shoes for my hubby for our Anniversary :D

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