Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A chat with a long time friend

I am so happy to chat with my long time friend especially since she will be here in the US pretty soon. Yes! Her visa got approved and she will be in Chicago pretty soon! I am so happy for her because after her long visa journey, she together with her whole family will move in Chicago.

We talked about the differences of the environment, the people, the laws, the food, the weather and the culture between the US and the Philippines. She is actually excited, anxious and sad of moving here. Excited because she could finally see the US, anxious because she do not know on what her life will be here and sad because she needs to leave her work, relatives and friends in the Philippines. I told her that I know the feeling of that but at least she will move here with her family unlike me that I left my family.

I also told her to prepare for a long hours of flight. I told her that I had 24 hour flight from Manila to Indiana. She was shocked and said "I wish I have a private jet to avoid lay overs". I replied to her "I wish I owned private jet companies", then we both laughed.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I can't wait!

Last night, I could not sleep good because contraction kept waking me up. That was the first time it happened to me. Normally, I only feel contraction whenever I am awake. I went to my weekly appointment today and I am still 3cm. I thought I am farther than that because I feel heavier and sorer and I could not believe that I only gain 1/2 pound from my last week's appointment.

They told me that they will not going to induce me til I am 39 weeks because right now, the baby's lungs are not mature enough. So basically, what will happen is its either I will be induced on my 39th week OR wait til the baby come out on its own. I know I am getting close of  getting there but it seems like the waiting is getting longer. I am praying for safe delivery and a healthy, happy baby boy :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving Here

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

When I first moved here I put all my energy into the house. It needed a lot of TLC and though it had great bones to begin with, it was really neglected over the years and needed a whole world of improvements. I just don’t know what I would do without all the help from my boyfriend Marcus since he’s a great contractor as well as support system. There’s something to be said for having a loving man by your side, I tell you what! I told me to get adt Jacksonville because he was worried about my safety and he changed out all the old doors on my new place to make them more secure. He tells me we’re going to work on the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms next and I just can’t wait for the house to start taking shape! Hopefully someday we’ll get to move into it together – that’s my ultimate goal – and things will really start looking up for this old house. Excuse the pun, that was pitiful!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

laws on overtime

Yesterday, I went to my prenatal appointment with my midwives and they checked my cervix. I knew it! I had already dilated, I just didn't know how dilated I was. Based on my LMP (Last Menstrual Period), my due date is Nov. 11th and based on my second ultrasound, my due date is Nov. 2. But since I am very sure of my LMP, they told me that Nov. 11th is my due date. I had a feeling that I was not going to make it to my due date because of my continuing to work plus my belly is so low now. I would be happy to reach at least the 37th week, because that is considered full term.

When I got home, I called my mom right away and told her about the result of my appointment. She told me to slow down  in working which is what I am actually already doing. My sister told me to completely stop working because she is worried about the baby being premature. I told her not to worry and that I do not accept over time at work because I really can not work long hours anymore. My conversation with her changed right after I said the word "over time". She told me that she thinks that she is not getting paid right for her over time. I told her that she better check the laws on overtime. She better be aware of it because some companies are not fair in giving over time payment, actually, every employee should be aware of employment laws and employee's rights. She promised me that she was going to research and learn her company's overtime policies and to check that the company is adhering to law so she will not be cheated.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Plus size clothing

Christmas is one of my favorite holiday and I can not believe that it will be Christmas few weeks from now. I know, some people do not like Christmas because it is too expensive to buy gifts specially if you have lots of kids in the family, including relatives.

Hubby and I are now preparing for Christmas. We are thinking of getting layaway plan for toys and gifts for our relatives. Actually, it was my husband's idea to do that. In that way, our pockets will not going to hurt so bad because of the large payment that we will be spending. Our payment will be break into smaller ones and spread over the several weeks til Christmas. And secondly, in this way, we would be able to make sure that all our loved ones will going to have gifts.

Speaking of loved ones, of course, I will make sure that my in-laws will going to receive gifts too. I am thinking of ordering some clothing for my mom-in-law in a plus size clothing website. She can not shop a lot now because of her health condition, so I think I will do the shopping for her. Colts is my father-in-law's favorite football team. In fact, he has a lot of Colt's collectible items so I think I will buy him a Colts item.

For me, Christmas is a time of giving gifts and being thankful to all the blessings that we received. And seeing the smile on the faces of the people while they are opening their gifts is one of the joyful thing for me to see. Oh! I can not wait til Christmas :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Custom t-shirt

At work, awhile back, I was talking to a customer and I noticed the shirt he was wearing. On his shirt, there was a picture of a wedding couple, holding each others hands and it said, "Game Over". I laughed at him and asked him where he got the shirt. He said it was a gift to him by a friend. Looking at his shirt made me remember the custom t-shirt I gave my husband.

Last year, I ordered a custom t-shirt online for my hubby for Father's Day. It says on the shirt "New dad 2009". I gave that shirt to him together with a digital photo key chain where he could store photos of our son. He loved the gifts I gave him. In fact, he immediately stored photos on the key chain and wore the custom t-shirt the next day hehe.

Nowadays, I am always seeing lots of custom made shirts and most of them say funny things on the shirt. I think they look cool because you can put and say what ever you want on your shirt. You can say funny things, it can be a novelty shirt, or you can also design your own shirt. In short, you can express yourself with a custom shirt.

I want to have a custom t-shirt for myself but I do not have any idea yet what to put on my shirt. Any idea?

36th week of pregnancy

I am now exactly 36th week of my pregnancy! I could not believe how time fly so fast that I will deliver the baby anytime. Everybody including me thinks that I am going to give birth before my due date because I am carrying the baby too low. All I am praying for is for the baby to stay in my belly for at least one more week because 37 weeks is considered full term. Of course, as much as possible I want the baby to stay longer than that til my due date but I'd be happy if I reach the 37th week. I don't want to be induced this time, I'll just wait til the baby decided himself to be born.

There are lots of signs that I am about to give birth pretty soon. Like, frequent braxton hicks, body pains (back, hip, lower hip etc.) and I easily get tired.  I wish that my delivery will be fast and I won't feel any pain (even labor pain) at all like what happened on my first pregnancy. Please help me God, I know you will be by my side and I also pray for a healthy and happy baby boy, Amen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preparing for my son's upcoming birthday

My son, Zachary, will turn two years old a few months from now and I am so giddy for him. I love birthday parties and so I am already planning on what to do for his upcoming birthday.

Last year, his first birthday party was a simple party. Our relatives are the only ones we invited. but this time, I want his birthday to be a little more special than last year. I am thinking of inviting my friends and their kids as well as our relatives. I am now thinking of what food to prepare. Of course, there should be American and Filipino dishes present on the table. So far, my list of American foods are glazed baked ham, mashed potatoes, beans, probably turkey, sandwich, fruits and salad. For the Filipino food, I will probably cook pansit, menudo, spring rolls, leche flan and hotdogs.

I also need kids birthday party supplies. My son loves Mickey Mouse so the birthday theme will probably be, of course, Mickey Mouse. I want to have Mickey Mouse invitation cards, plates, cups, napkins, silverware, banners, balloons, candles, decorating supplies and a Mickey Mouse pinata.

I can not believe how time flies by so fast. Now, my little baby whom I carried in my belly for 9 months will turn two pretty soon. I love you my son!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Money counter

Few days ago, I hoped to get off work early because we had to attend my niece's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's which is located to a different town where I work. I kept on looking at the clock and hoping time will come so fast because I was so excited for her birthday plus I wanna to Chuck E Cheese because I was pretty sure that my son Zac will be happy to be there.

Before clocking out at work that day, I had to call my manager for her to check and count my register because I wanna make sure that everything is ok before leaving work. Apparently, I had to wait on her for another 10 minutes because she was busy with random stuff which made me more late for the party. And what made me more upset was she had to count the money twice because she had miscounted it. I told myself " I wish they have a money counter here in the office so it will be much easier and faster in counting the money".

After work, hubby was there already in the parking lot waiting on me then we rushed going home so I could change clothes. I quickly changed clothes then we drove off to the party. Thank God! We were there just right on time. The mascot came up on stage and danced with the kids. My son was up the stage too looking around while clapping his hands. He enjoyed the party specially the part where he rode rides. Chuck E Cheese is really a great fun for kids and someday, when my son is already at the age where he could remember the things happening around him, I want to celebrate his birthday there :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New laptop for hubby!!

It was hubby's birthday yesterday and I bought a laptop for him. Oh my! He was so happy that he spent most of the night navigating and exploring his new toy.

I ordered it from a store 5 days before his birthday and I made the shipping rushed to make sure that he will get his gift on time and yay! I got the laptop 2 days before his birthday. I was kinda disappointed though because FedEx just left it in our front porch where anyone could just get it :( But I was thankful that noone got interested about it and I found it before hubby sees it. It was a surprised gift for him. He thought that I don't have a gift ready for his day haha! Another funny thing was, before opening his present, he thought his gift was a gag gift haha!

I so love my husband and I always see to it to make sure his special day will extra special  :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Affordable ink

I had been printing pictures and coupons lately that caused me to ran out of ink. I could not believe how fast I ran out of ink with this new printer we just bought. We bought this printer because the ink was cheap but we did not know that it consumes a lot of ink as well. I am on regret now on why I bought this printer so I asked some of my friends on what kind of printer they got. Most of them suggested me to buy Canon printer because Canon Ink is much affordable and the ink last much longer compare to others.

I want to get rid of this new printer that we just bought and buy a wireless Canon printer that is ink friendly. I want to have a wireless printer this time so I don not need to be close to my printer whenever I have to print something. I might just sell this printer I have now or maybe I will just give it away to one of my sister-in-law since I heard that she is looking for one.

I have now learned that one of the important thing to consider in buying a printer is that be sure that it is ink friendly so you do not have to waste money in buying ink.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I missed summer this year

It is autumn now and I can not believe how fast the summer passed by this year. I think one of the reasons why it was so fast for me is because I was busy working.

Awhile ago, while I was having my break time at work, some crew members were talking about how they spent their summer this year. Some went to the festivals in different towns, some went camping, some went fishing, and others went swimming. I told them that I did a little bit of everything they did except for camping and swimming. One of the crew members told us that she went down to Florida and spent a week there by the beach. She said that beaches there are so nice and I agreed with her because I had been there last year.

Anyway, my conversation with them went from beaches to swimsuits to body figures then, strangely, to breast prosthesis. The crew member who went to Florida told us that one of her cousins had had a breast prosthesis. She said that a breast prosthesis is better than a breast implant because the prostheses are detachable and you do not have to have surgery to have them. She said that she was amazed at how they look and feel so real. She even said that she might have to have a prosthesis, due to her recent bout with breast cancer, next year before summer so she would feel sexier wearing her bikini. After our chit chat about summer, we realized that we have clock in before we all get late.

I kinda missed summer this year specially because I never had the chance to go swimming. There is always next time though and hopefully, my summer will be a blast next year.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple picking

Today is my second time I picked apples in the apple farm and the first time my son Zachary. There were lots of people in the farm this time and we even had a hard time looking for a parking spot. I am actually not into eating apples, I can eat apples BUT I am not crazy about it. I just love picking apples that is why I went out with my friends to pick to day hehe. It was a fun day specially when I saw Zac's face being amazed and fascinated with lots of apples around him :) Below is a pic of my son picking apples.

Vacation house

I was invited by my friend to their newly purchased trailer house by the lake. The house they just bought is pretty nice, not too big, but nice for a vacation house. We spent most of the day by the lake. It was peaceful and very relaxing there. They also have a boat so we used it to fish in the lake. We did not catch any fish though likely because of my son who kept making noises, as toddlers do. I supposed at the time that it disturbed the fish. Maybe it was just the wrong time to fish. I had never fished in my life until that day so perhaps I was doing something wrong. My hubby and I only bought one day's fishing license because we were not really sure if I would like fishing. Fishing IS ok but I guess it's just not for me hehe.

While we were having our lunch with our friends in their new house, we talked about how big the house was and how much they paid for the property. They said that the seller gave them a great price so they did not hesitate to buy it. They also said that they borrowed money to buy the new house with title loans.

I told my husband that someday I want us to have a vacation house where we could sit and relax to escape from stress. Oh well! I can not wait on that time hehe.