Monday, October 10, 2011

Money counter

Few days ago, I hoped to get off work early because we had to attend my niece's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's which is located to a different town where I work. I kept on looking at the clock and hoping time will come so fast because I was so excited for her birthday plus I wanna to Chuck E Cheese because I was pretty sure that my son Zac will be happy to be there.

Before clocking out at work that day, I had to call my manager for her to check and count my register because I wanna make sure that everything is ok before leaving work. Apparently, I had to wait on her for another 10 minutes because she was busy with random stuff which made me more late for the party. And what made me more upset was she had to count the money twice because she had miscounted it. I told myself " I wish they have a money counter here in the office so it will be much easier and faster in counting the money".

After work, hubby was there already in the parking lot waiting on me then we rushed going home so I could change clothes. I quickly changed clothes then we drove off to the party. Thank God! We were there just right on time. The mascot came up on stage and danced with the kids. My son was up the stage too looking around while clapping his hands. He enjoyed the party specially the part where he rode rides. Chuck E Cheese is really a great fun for kids and someday, when my son is already at the age where he could remember the things happening around him, I want to celebrate his birthday there :)

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