Monday, October 3, 2011

I missed summer this year

It is autumn now and I can not believe how fast the summer passed by this year. I think one of the reasons why it was so fast for me is because I was busy working.

Awhile ago, while I was having my break time at work, some crew members were talking about how they spent their summer this year. Some went to the festivals in different towns, some went camping, some went fishing, and others went swimming. I told them that I did a little bit of everything they did except for camping and swimming. One of the crew members told us that she went down to Florida and spent a week there by the beach. She said that beaches there are so nice and I agreed with her because I had been there last year.

Anyway, my conversation with them went from beaches to swimsuits to body figures then, strangely, to breast prosthesis. The crew member who went to Florida told us that one of her cousins had had a breast prosthesis. She said that a breast prosthesis is better than a breast implant because the prostheses are detachable and you do not have to have surgery to have them. She said that she was amazed at how they look and feel so real. She even said that she might have to have a prosthesis, due to her recent bout with breast cancer, next year before summer so she would feel sexier wearing her bikini. After our chit chat about summer, we realized that we have clock in before we all get late.

I kinda missed summer this year specially because I never had the chance to go swimming. There is always next time though and hopefully, my summer will be a blast next year.

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