Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A chat with a long time friend

I am so happy to chat with my long time friend especially since she will be here in the US pretty soon. Yes! Her visa got approved and she will be in Chicago pretty soon! I am so happy for her because after her long visa journey, she together with her whole family will move in Chicago.

We talked about the differences of the environment, the people, the laws, the food, the weather and the culture between the US and the Philippines. She is actually excited, anxious and sad of moving here. Excited because she could finally see the US, anxious because she do not know on what her life will be here and sad because she needs to leave her work, relatives and friends in the Philippines. I told her that I know the feeling of that but at least she will move here with her family unlike me that I left my family.

I also told her to prepare for a long hours of flight. I told her that I had 24 hour flight from Manila to Indiana. She was shocked and said "I wish I have a private jet to avoid lay overs". I replied to her "I wish I owned private jet companies", then we both laughed.

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