Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Over Fatigue

So, I came 10 minutes early at work yesterday so I could have some time to eat. I clocked in 11AM and 30 minutes after, I had shortness of breathing. I kept drinking water in between taking order from the customers thinking water will help me feel better. Sadly, it came to the point that I was catching my breath and everything turned black on me. I leaned on the wall and told one of my co-worker that I can't breathe. I drank half glass of water again and came back to work. I took another order from the customer and in the middle of it, I can't talk anymore because I was catching my breath. I apologize to the customer and went to my manager. I asked her to continue my order taking because I am about to pass out. I clocked out right away and I sat down. One of the managers came to me, hand me the company phone and a glass of water.

I called my husband right away and told him to pick me up ASAP. One of our regular customer came to me and she stayed with me til my husband came. She was very nice :) Everybody described me as "clammy" (pale and sweaty) at that moment. I told him that I just want to stay at home and take a rest but my husband insisted to take me to the ER so there, he took me to ER.

Diagnosis? Over Fatigue. The doctor required me to rested for 3 days and gave me work excuse letter. Well, instead of just taking 3 days off, I just filed for maternity leave because I am afraid that there might something bad happen to me and the baby if I stress myself more. And oh! they found out I have UTI so I am taking anti-biotic.

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