Monday, November 7, 2011

Claddagh Rings

Have you ever heard about claddagh rings? It is a traditional Irish ring that that symbolizes love or friendship. I never heard about it til I got intrigued with the ring my friend was wearing. Her ring was gold with a heart and a crown on top of it. I have never seen a design like that so I asked where she got it. She said it was given to her by her Irish boyfriend. I asked her "Is that an engagement ring?" She said laughed and said "No". She pointed me the heart on his ring, she said "See how I wear this ring? It is on the right finger and notice that the heart is pointing away from my fingertip. That means I am romantically involved with someone". I asked "So, is it like a promised ring?" she replied "Kinda, I guess". She also explained to me that if a person is wearing that ring on his or her left finger, that means that person is married. I find it interesting to know different culture of different country and I feel like it is fascinating to know different kind of belief as well.

I am happy for my friend that she is in love and I hope and wishing to see her wearing claddagh ring on her wedding ring finger.

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