Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My first haul of groceries using coupons.

I was so nervous the night before I shop at CVS. Why? because that was the first time that I shopped and used bunches of coupons. I spent hours of planning and computation on how much savings I will get. And of course, I was worried because of the what ifs that might happen. What if they won't accept my coupons? What if my computation is wrong? and more what ifs. I am glad though that everything went well and everything happened according to my plan. Here is the picture of my first haul.

Total Regular Price                               :  $38.12
Total Sale Price                                    :  $18.98
Total Value of Coupons  Used              :  $  4.48
Extra Care Bucks                                 :  $  7.00

Total Amount Paid                                :  $  7.13
Percentage Saved                                 :   81%

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