Wednesday, November 9, 2011

San Antonio Orthodontist

We just came home tonight from my husband's cousin's house to visit his new apartment. The apartment he moved in is much better than his old apartment. When we got there, he has visitors from Texas. It was his highschool friend with his wife and two kids. While all the men where talking about football, I had a little chit chat with my cousin's friend's wife. We baked cookies for the kids and made dinner for everybody. In the kitchen while cooking and talking with her, I noticed something in her teeth. Out of curiosity, I asked what it was. She said it called "invisalign" or sometimes called "invisible braces". I have never seen something like that in person although I already heard something about invisible braces.

She told me that her teeth is actually looked much better now. She showed me a picture of her teeth from her Iphone before she get the braces. By comparing her teeth now from the pic of her teeth she showed me, I saw the big improvement in her teeth. She told me that she went to a San Antonio Orthodontist to have her teeth fixed. She said that San Antonio is 70 miles away from where they live but going their to fix her teeth is worth the travel.

I got busy talking to her about her teeth and braces and I forgot the cookies that we were in the oven. We smelled something burning in the oven and so we end up baking another set of cookies, haha! It was a wonderful night talking to her though in spite of burnt cookies I baked, haha!

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