Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oriental rugs

I always dream of moving to a nicer and bigger house. Don't make me wrong, the house we live in right now is a decent house, but my family is getting bigger and we are going to have another addition very soon, so yeah, we definitely need more rooms.

Right now, I am already excited to design our future house. Watching HGTV on cable channel gives me a lot of idea on how to design a house without spending much, how to fix, clean and arrange furniture, how to be creative and inventive in designing the house and lots of tips about buying your dream house. One time, I was watching this episode on HGTV, and one of the designer put some oriental rugs on the floor. Those oriental rugs made the room looked nicer and looked fancier. Those rugs truly made a great difference and it beautified the room. I told myself that I want to have those kind of rugs too when the time comes that we have a new house. I am learning a lot of things and ways on how to design the house because of that channel. And that is why I kept on watching shows there whenever I have time. And yes! I want fully decided to have one of those oriental rugs for our future house.

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