Saturday, November 5, 2011

She is getting married!

I could not believe that the niece of my husband is getting married! She just announced that she was engaged last month and now they already have a date for their wedding. After she told us that she was engaged, I kinda had a flashback of the time when she was only 16 yrs old. That was her age when I saw her picture for the first time. And now, she is 22 and will get married! Well, in my honest opinion, there is nothing wrong with her getting married. It just me that could not believe that she has grown so fast and will get married next year.

She was originally here from Indiana and moved to Charleston, North Carolina when she went to military. There is where she met her fiance and the latest news I heard from them is that they are looking Charleston real estate because they are planning of buying a house there. I believe that her fiance is originally from North Carolina so since their jobs are there, they do not want to move else where.

She is a good daughter and good to everybody. I am glad for her that she finally found the right man for her. I wish them happiness and long blessed marriage.

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