Monday, March 29, 2010

The Witches of Eastwick

I love vampire and witch movies and shows, that's why when I saw on ABC channel that they had a show The witches of Eastwick, I went to their website and watched the episodes. I like the story of this show and I also like the cast. I can say that they are the modern witches hehe. I am not sure on why is it I am fascinated of watching shows like this and Charmed. It was too bad though because they stopped filming this show :( I wonder why?

The other day, I watched the original film of it and I didn't know that this movie was star studded. Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Jack Nicholson were on the movie. Wow! I assume this movie was a hit way back 1980's.

I hope that they will bring back the show because I like how the story goes and this is the kind of show that I won't ever get bored of watching over and over.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flea Market

My dad-in-law loves shopping even in flea market. Well, I can't blame him because sometimes you can find something there that you can't find in the mall. My dad likes buying antiques and unique things. He bought this thing that you'll usually find in restaurants and put in our front porch. Notice on what he wrote on the board LOL!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Internet Marketing

I can't sleep the other night so I decided to turn the television on. I was browsing the channels when a cosmetic product they are selling on TV caught my attention. I continued watching the show because I love makeups (even though I rarely use them) and also , watching the show made me learn the proper way to apply makeup on. I almost got tempted to buy the product because they sound very convincing plus there were buyers who called and testified that their product is great. At the almost end of the show, the seller thanked all the television viewers because there were hundreds of people who visited their website after the last time they sold makeups.

Website is a form of internet marketing. Internet Marketing is a big help in a business. It can double up your profit or sometimes more than that. Tracking on how many people visits your website is good and it is also much better if you would know on how many times they visit and what keyword they typed on the search engine which led to your website. Knowing and tracking those information will let you know on how well your internet marketing is doing.

Internet marketing is actually inexpensive so if ever that I am going to have a business, I will create a website to earn more income. I would also download a program that will help me keep track of the traffic and would let me know on how my business is going. I want to be like the seller on the show who tripled the sales of her product.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is coming!

Yay! It is almost time to say bye bye to our coats. My friend and I decided to bring our kids at the park since the weather was so nice yesterday. We had fun. We brought some snacks and drinks then we had picture taking. My son Zac liked the sun ( I assume, lol!). He smiled the whole time and he liked talking to my friend, well, he really likes to talk and give smile to everyone.

I hope that Zac will remain a happy kid til he is grown up OR I should say til forever. I so love him!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

PACMAN VS. Clottey FREE Live Streaming

Found this sites that would show free live streaming of their fight. ENJOY!








Friday, March 12, 2010

My cat is bacckkk!!!

I was so happy last night that my black cat is back. He was gone for almost 3 months. Yes, that long :( My cat went to my hubby when he came home from work. Hubby happily told me that my cat was in front of our house meowing. So I immediately went outside to see him and went bak inside our house to get some cat food. I have no clue on where he went but it is pretty obvious that someone fed him because he isn't skinny at all and he is in good shape.

Hubby found our cat in the car port a year ago. He was only a kitten back then and was limping so hubby took him inside the house to cure him and made him stay in the house temporarily because it was winter. But I fell inlove with him so we just adopted him since nobody was looking for him. He is a very sweet lap cat. He looovveess being petted but doesn't like kids lol! Yeah, kids pull his tail, ears etc. thats why he just run and hide whenever he sees kids lol! He don't scratch kids though even though they hurt him unintentionally.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Web Videos

I love the first and last video :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

Famil Day!

I love spending time with my husband and son. Yesterday we all went to the nearest Oriental Store to shop. I was so happy to see Filipino products and I felt like I was in the Philippines. What I was wondering about is that the packaging they have in here is different from the packaging in the Philippines so its kinda look different although it is the same product from the same company but anyway, it doesn't really matter because the taste is still the same. So after shopping for foods, we hurry up going home because I bought this Ube ice cream that would melt.

Here are the foods that we bought and jeez! I spent $60 only for these:

After grocery shopping, we went shoe shopping for my hubby. He bought two pairs of shoes. then we went to one of my favorite buffet restaurant to eat. For me, spending time with two boys is the best thing in this world.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Mesothelioma. I always hear that word on TV and read things about it on newspapers and magazines. What is Mesothelioma? It is the cancer of lining of the lungs. Sounds scary right? People who are always expose to asbestos dust are the ones who are prone to get Mesothelioma Disease. Those people are the ones who works in construction mines, employees of maritime who is exposed during renovating or demolishing ships, mechanics who repairs brake and clutch and etc.

I read on the the newspaper that there is a man who worked in a mine company who worked there for more than 10 years and he found out that he has Malignant Mesothelioma when he retired working. He went to different clinical trials, radiation and chemotherapy. He was one of those blessed victims of this disease that was successfully cured because of his full cooperation with the doctors.

The next thing he did after he got cured is he sued the company where he worked at because they didn't give them enough equipment to protect themselves against asbestos dust. He hired not just an ordinary lawyer but a very good Mesothelioma Attorney. I think what he did was a wise move. He hired Mesothelioma Lawyer who is knowledgeable about the Mesothelioma Law and have handled this kind of case many times.

Reading articles, brochures and books about Mesothelioma won't cure the disease but they can educate people on what is the nature of Mesothelioma Disease and what to do if you are one of the victims of it. Go to the best doctor in town if you were exposed to asbestos and go to specialized Mesothelioma Legal Services as they are more knowledgeable in handling Mesothelioma Cases.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I love reading magazines specially fashion magazines because I wanna know on what's in and what's out hehe. I use to collect magazines when I was in the Philippines. I always buy magazines every month and I like collecting complete issues of the mag that I want. I have no idea on why I stopped buying magazines when I got here in the US til last month. I subscribed for two year subscription to a magazine and they sent me a couple of their issues already and for some reason, I am receiving some other magazines that I never subscribed on *scratches head*. Anyway, I like reading mags so I read all of the mags that I have hehe.