Friday, March 12, 2010

My cat is bacckkk!!!

I was so happy last night that my black cat is back. He was gone for almost 3 months. Yes, that long :( My cat went to my hubby when he came home from work. Hubby happily told me that my cat was in front of our house meowing. So I immediately went outside to see him and went bak inside our house to get some cat food. I have no clue on where he went but it is pretty obvious that someone fed him because he isn't skinny at all and he is in good shape.

Hubby found our cat in the car port a year ago. He was only a kitten back then and was limping so hubby took him inside the house to cure him and made him stay in the house temporarily because it was winter. But I fell inlove with him so we just adopted him since nobody was looking for him. He is a very sweet lap cat. He looovveess being petted but doesn't like kids lol! Yeah, kids pull his tail, ears etc. thats why he just run and hide whenever he sees kids lol! He don't scratch kids though even though they hurt him unintentionally.

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