Monday, April 27, 2009


My hubby and I are both happy that I am now pregnant. We both want to have a baby and we have been trying for few months already and we are so thankful that GOD answered our prayers now. Today is my birthday and this is the best birthday gift I received ever. Last April 1st, I prayed and told God that I hope my birthday this year is not as bad as I had last year. We rushed my dad in the hospital last year on my birthday and he got hospitalized for 4 days :( I didn't asked for a specific gift to HIM but I am glad that HE knows what my heart really desires :) God is so good :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How I assembled my K3 documents

I created this post in return to those people who helped me in my K3 visa processing plus I got messages from people asking on how I assembled my papers in order. Here is a vid of how I did it. ENJOY!! :)

PICTURES - We have tons of pictures together in a nice album but the thing is, I have heard from the previous interviewees that the Pre-screener's and the Consulate's windows are small, so what I did was I pasted mine in bond papers and I wrote caption in each picture plus I also put pics in a small album (the ones that is free from the photo service whenever you'll print pics from them). This is how it looks like.
CHAT CONVERSATIONS - Hubby and I have been chatting since 2005 and so we have LOTS of chat logs.What I did was I only printed 2 chat logs per month since i can not print all those tons of conversation hehe.Our conversation per day ranges from 20 up to 27 pages (if you'll transfer the chat logs in MS WORD).Since i am saving ink and paper, what i did is i smaller the font and put 2 columns :D I also did screenshots of our conversations per month (in case they want to see if we chat daily).

EMAILS - We seldom email each other since we chat everyday so I only printed out whatever we have hehe.

SNAIL MAILS - Like emails, we seldom send snail mails to each other. I only send him cards if there is a special occasion (anniversaries, birthdays and such).

PHONE CONVERSATIONS - I use PLDT Phone cards since it is the cheapest way i know on how to call my hubby in the US and on the other hand, he is using AT&T in calling me. He kept all his monthly phone bills as we know that it can testify to the Consulate that he calls me everyday (it appears to his monthly bill on how many times and how long he called me on my cellphone).

MONEY TRANSFER - He used Western Union in sending me money for my monthly allowance. Yes, it is expensive but fast and reliable. We don't have any complains to their service except for the high service fee hehe.

TAX TRANSCRIPTS - He requested 2006 and 2007 Tax transcripts from IRS (1-800-829-1040). He got it 11 days after he phoned them and he didn't pay any single cent for it.

W2 - He got it from his employer.

SALARY PAY STUB - He sent me his last 3 pay stubs :)

AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT - He fill out the form I-134 and notarized it from his bank and it was free of charge :)

My advice is NOT to fastener or use sliding folder in compiling your docus as you'll have a hard time taking them off once the pre-screener and the consulate asked for the papers one-by-one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Diaper Cake for only USD45.00 (Shipping included)

I am selling this diaper cake that I myself made. This is a perfect Baby Shower gift.

Cake Ingredients:

* 66 New Born Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

* 2 pcs. feeding bottles (250 ml. each)

* 3 pcs cute squeaky fish toys

* 3 pcs. cute squeaky whale toys

This Charming 3 tier cake stands approximately 15" high and 10" in diameter.It is constucted by 2 feeding bottles for support and the cake is nicely wrappedwith lace and ribbons and decorated with colorful stars.

It is securely wrapped with shink wrap and tied with nice ribbon. It will be put in a sturdy box surrounded by bubble wrap for protection on delivery.

Payment should be made within 2-3 days of purchasing. FREE shipping for US residents (except for customers from Hawaii and Alaska). I accept PAYPAL or Check payment.

Orders will be shipped a day after the payment is cleared. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping. Orders will be shipped via USPS. Please let me know if you need it faster so we can arrange the shipment.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

3rd Rock from the Sun

I really love this comedy sitcom. The charaters really crack me up specially Dick Solomon. For those people that doesn't know on what is this show all about, it is about a group aliens who travelled on Earth on which for them is the least important planet lol! They just want to study the Earth and the human being. Dick is the commander, Sally is the lieutenant, Harry is the communicator or transmitter and Tommy is the smartest among them but is stucked in a kid's body lol! They are really hilarious.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter 2009

I am so happy today because my nephews and nieces came over to our house for us to go to the park to have Easter Egg Hunt. Some kids got lots of eggs and some get none :( Well, most of the kids that got none are the lil ones. We got home after the egg hunting and boiled eggs to dye. Today is the first time i dyed eggs for Easter lol! I was so giddy to dye those eggs lol! Here are the end result of our work.

After dying the eggs, I went out to check my flowers. I am glad that they are still alive lol! Of course I water them everyday, and keep them inside our house if it is too cool (40F or lower)outside. There are buds that bloomed already and some are still blooming. Today is the 3rd day that I transplanted them :)

This is Pansy White with Blotch.

This is Pansy Yellow with Blotch.

This is Viola.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My first planting and transplanting

Today, My dad-in-law and I bought some flowers at True Value and planted them in pots that we bought. This is my first time to plant and so did my dad-in-law hehe. We bought 5 different colors of Pansies (Pansy in singular), white with blotch, yellow, blue, yellow with blotch and orange. We also bought pink Snap Dragon, red Dianthus and Viola. They are actually pretty cheap. It only cost us $8.72 for all those plants.

I was actually afraid to pull the plants off from their plastic container to transplant them in the pot. I am afraid that I might pull the plant so hard to the point that its root will die so what I did was I gently pull them off and I was happy that the roots are still intact ( i really hope so lol!).

I transplanted all those flowers in a squared pot using my hands (yeah! i got dirty lol!). Of all the dirty jobs, this is the one I like that is why I didn't use garden gloves hehe. I transplanted them according to its height and color. I put the tallest flower which is the Snap Dragon (which will grow 10-12 inches high according to them) at the back together with Viola and Dianthus. Then I put the Pansies infront of the tall ones (which will grow 6-8 inches high).

A friend of my dad-in-law gave him some Marigold seeds, actually they are dried Marigold flowers. She loves planting plants and flowers so she taught us how to plant the Marigold. Here is the pic of dried Marigold flowers in a cup.

According to her, all we need to do is to dig at least an inch or two and crumble the dried flowers in the pot then put soil on it. We have this water fountain in the house that we aren't using anymore, so, my dad-in-law just decided to just put soil in it and make it as our pot for Marigolds. Here is the pic of before and after we put the Marigold seeds.

Soon I'll plant tomatoes and corn and some other fruits. Like I said, I am just a beginner in planting so I really hope that these flowers will grow and I hoope that I have a green thumb :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prices of eyeglasses

I can't believe how pricey are eyeglasses here in the US. I broke my eyeglass last two days ago so I canvassed at Walmart on how much they cost. The lady at the Vision Center told me that it cost $45 for the Eye Exam, frames ranges from $90 - $140 and the grade of my lens cost $118. Those prices are freakin' expensive compare to the prices in Pinas. I got my old pair for $60 in Pinas and that price is already considered a bit pricey there lol! You can actually buy $20 eyeglass in Pinas (that is considered a pair of "ok" one). Well, i found some cheap eyeglasses online but I am afraid that they don't have good quality and we might end up buying another frame and would cost us more. Hmmmm. OK! OK! Next month , hubby and I will going to have Vision Insurance so that next time it would cost us lesser in buying another pair. Haay! ang mahal mabuhay dito sa Tate.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Italian SausageSILOG

Tapsilog (TAPa,SInangang,ITlog), hotsilog (HOTdog,SInangag,ITlog),tocilog (TOcino,SInangag,ITlog) are some of the "SILOGS" that I miss eating. Those are foods in the Philippines that i have been craving for weeks. Since I can't find tapa, I came up with an idea. I substitute Italian sausage to tapa :D I call it "Italian Sausagesilog" (o di ba medyo tunog sosyal pa! haha!) The picture below is the outcome of my cooking

NOTE: Sinangag means fried rice and itlog means fried egg.