Thursday, April 9, 2009

My first planting and transplanting

Today, My dad-in-law and I bought some flowers at True Value and planted them in pots that we bought. This is my first time to plant and so did my dad-in-law hehe. We bought 5 different colors of Pansies (Pansy in singular), white with blotch, yellow, blue, yellow with blotch and orange. We also bought pink Snap Dragon, red Dianthus and Viola. They are actually pretty cheap. It only cost us $8.72 for all those plants.

I was actually afraid to pull the plants off from their plastic container to transplant them in the pot. I am afraid that I might pull the plant so hard to the point that its root will die so what I did was I gently pull them off and I was happy that the roots are still intact ( i really hope so lol!).

I transplanted all those flowers in a squared pot using my hands (yeah! i got dirty lol!). Of all the dirty jobs, this is the one I like that is why I didn't use garden gloves hehe. I transplanted them according to its height and color. I put the tallest flower which is the Snap Dragon (which will grow 10-12 inches high according to them) at the back together with Viola and Dianthus. Then I put the Pansies infront of the tall ones (which will grow 6-8 inches high).

A friend of my dad-in-law gave him some Marigold seeds, actually they are dried Marigold flowers. She loves planting plants and flowers so she taught us how to plant the Marigold. Here is the pic of dried Marigold flowers in a cup.

According to her, all we need to do is to dig at least an inch or two and crumble the dried flowers in the pot then put soil on it. We have this water fountain in the house that we aren't using anymore, so, my dad-in-law just decided to just put soil in it and make it as our pot for Marigolds. Here is the pic of before and after we put the Marigold seeds.

Soon I'll plant tomatoes and corn and some other fruits. Like I said, I am just a beginner in planting so I really hope that these flowers will grow and I hoope that I have a green thumb :D

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