Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prices of eyeglasses

I can't believe how pricey are eyeglasses here in the US. I broke my eyeglass last two days ago so I canvassed at Walmart on how much they cost. The lady at the Vision Center told me that it cost $45 for the Eye Exam, frames ranges from $90 - $140 and the grade of my lens cost $118. Those prices are freakin' expensive compare to the prices in Pinas. I got my old pair for $60 in Pinas and that price is already considered a bit pricey there lol! You can actually buy $20 eyeglass in Pinas (that is considered a pair of "ok" one). Well, i found some cheap eyeglasses online but I am afraid that they don't have good quality and we might end up buying another frame and would cost us more. Hmmmm. OK! OK! Next month , hubby and I will going to have Vision Insurance so that next time it would cost us lesser in buying another pair. Haay! ang mahal mabuhay dito sa Tate.

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