Thursday, October 13, 2011

36th week of pregnancy

I am now exactly 36th week of my pregnancy! I could not believe how time fly so fast that I will deliver the baby anytime. Everybody including me thinks that I am going to give birth before my due date because I am carrying the baby too low. All I am praying for is for the baby to stay in my belly for at least one more week because 37 weeks is considered full term. Of course, as much as possible I want the baby to stay longer than that til my due date but I'd be happy if I reach the 37th week. I don't want to be induced this time, I'll just wait til the baby decided himself to be born.

There are lots of signs that I am about to give birth pretty soon. Like, frequent braxton hicks, body pains (back, hip, lower hip etc.) and I easily get tired.  I wish that my delivery will be fast and I won't feel any pain (even labor pain) at all like what happened on my first pregnancy. Please help me God, I know you will be by my side and I also pray for a healthy and happy baby boy, Amen.

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