Thursday, October 13, 2011

Custom t-shirt

At work, awhile back, I was talking to a customer and I noticed the shirt he was wearing. On his shirt, there was a picture of a wedding couple, holding each others hands and it said, "Game Over". I laughed at him and asked him where he got the shirt. He said it was a gift to him by a friend. Looking at his shirt made me remember the custom t-shirt I gave my husband.

Last year, I ordered a custom t-shirt online for my hubby for Father's Day. It says on the shirt "New dad 2009". I gave that shirt to him together with a digital photo key chain where he could store photos of our son. He loved the gifts I gave him. In fact, he immediately stored photos on the key chain and wore the custom t-shirt the next day hehe.

Nowadays, I am always seeing lots of custom made shirts and most of them say funny things on the shirt. I think they look cool because you can put and say what ever you want on your shirt. You can say funny things, it can be a novelty shirt, or you can also design your own shirt. In short, you can express yourself with a custom shirt.

I want to have a custom t-shirt for myself but I do not have any idea yet what to put on my shirt. Any idea?

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