Sunday, October 9, 2011

New laptop for hubby!!

It was hubby's birthday yesterday and I bought a laptop for him. Oh my! He was so happy that he spent most of the night navigating and exploring his new toy.

I ordered it from a store 5 days before his birthday and I made the shipping rushed to make sure that he will get his gift on time and yay! I got the laptop 2 days before his birthday. I was kinda disappointed though because FedEx just left it in our front porch where anyone could just get it :( But I was thankful that noone got interested about it and I found it before hubby sees it. It was a surprised gift for him. He thought that I don't have a gift ready for his day haha! Another funny thing was, before opening his present, he thought his gift was a gag gift haha!

I so love my husband and I always see to it to make sure his special day will extra special  :)

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