Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vacation house

I was invited by my friend to their newly purchased trailer house by the lake. The house they just bought is pretty nice, not too big, but nice for a vacation house. We spent most of the day by the lake. It was peaceful and very relaxing there. They also have a boat so we used it to fish in the lake. We did not catch any fish though likely because of my son who kept making noises, as toddlers do. I supposed at the time that it disturbed the fish. Maybe it was just the wrong time to fish. I had never fished in my life until that day so perhaps I was doing something wrong. My hubby and I only bought one day's fishing license because we were not really sure if I would like fishing. Fishing IS ok but I guess it's just not for me hehe.

While we were having our lunch with our friends in their new house, we talked about how big the house was and how much they paid for the property. They said that the seller gave them a great price so they did not hesitate to buy it. They also said that they borrowed money to buy the new house with title loans.

I told my husband that someday I want us to have a vacation house where we could sit and relax to escape from stress. Oh well! I can not wait on that time hehe.

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