Monday, October 17, 2011

Plus size clothing

Christmas is one of my favorite holiday and I can not believe that it will be Christmas few weeks from now. I know, some people do not like Christmas because it is too expensive to buy gifts specially if you have lots of kids in the family, including relatives.

Hubby and I are now preparing for Christmas. We are thinking of getting layaway plan for toys and gifts for our relatives. Actually, it was my husband's idea to do that. In that way, our pockets will not going to hurt so bad because of the large payment that we will be spending. Our payment will be break into smaller ones and spread over the several weeks til Christmas. And secondly, in this way, we would be able to make sure that all our loved ones will going to have gifts.

Speaking of loved ones, of course, I will make sure that my in-laws will going to receive gifts too. I am thinking of ordering some clothing for my mom-in-law in a plus size clothing website. She can not shop a lot now because of her health condition, so I think I will do the shopping for her. Colts is my father-in-law's favorite football team. In fact, he has a lot of Colt's collectible items so I think I will buy him a Colts item.

For me, Christmas is a time of giving gifts and being thankful to all the blessings that we received. And seeing the smile on the faces of the people while they are opening their gifts is one of the joyful thing for me to see. Oh! I can not wait til Christmas :)

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