Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Affordable ink

I had been printing pictures and coupons lately that caused me to ran out of ink. I could not believe how fast I ran out of ink with this new printer we just bought. We bought this printer because the ink was cheap but we did not know that it consumes a lot of ink as well. I am on regret now on why I bought this printer so I asked some of my friends on what kind of printer they got. Most of them suggested me to buy Canon printer because Canon Ink is much affordable and the ink last much longer compare to others.

I want to get rid of this new printer that we just bought and buy a wireless Canon printer that is ink friendly. I want to have a wireless printer this time so I don not need to be close to my printer whenever I have to print something. I might just sell this printer I have now or maybe I will just give it away to one of my sister-in-law since I heard that she is looking for one.

I have now learned that one of the important thing to consider in buying a printer is that be sure that it is ink friendly so you do not have to waste money in buying ink.

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