Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preparing for my son's upcoming birthday

My son, Zachary, will turn two years old a few months from now and I am so giddy for him. I love birthday parties and so I am already planning on what to do for his upcoming birthday.

Last year, his first birthday party was a simple party. Our relatives are the only ones we invited. but this time, I want his birthday to be a little more special than last year. I am thinking of inviting my friends and their kids as well as our relatives. I am now thinking of what food to prepare. Of course, there should be American and Filipino dishes present on the table. So far, my list of American foods are glazed baked ham, mashed potatoes, beans, probably turkey, sandwich, fruits and salad. For the Filipino food, I will probably cook pansit, menudo, spring rolls, leche flan and hotdogs.

I also need kids birthday party supplies. My son loves Mickey Mouse so the birthday theme will probably be, of course, Mickey Mouse. I want to have Mickey Mouse invitation cards, plates, cups, napkins, silverware, banners, balloons, candles, decorating supplies and a Mickey Mouse pinata.

I can not believe how time flies by so fast. Now, my little baby whom I carried in my belly for 9 months will turn two pretty soon. I love you my son!

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