Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am pregnant!

My hubby and I are both so happy that our son will soon going to have a sibling to play with. Before we took the pregnancy test yesterday, I already had a strong feeling that I am pregnant because I felt the symptoms already. Symptoms that I felt when I was pregnant to our son.

We were extremely happy that there is another addition to our family and that our family is growing. I love being a mother and expecting another baby this year is what we have been prayer for since last year. It was actually weird because last Ash Wednesday, I went to attend the mass with my son and I prayed. I prayed for blessing and I didn't expect that this is the blessing that we will get from our Father above.

My friends and families are excited and happy for us. Zachary don't know yet what is happening and I am excited for his reaction when he sees and touch his sibling :)


  1. Congrats Pink!!! The more, the merrier :)

  2. Congrats Pink!!! The more, the merrier :)

  3. Hi,Congrats! First time to comment here. God bless

  4. Thank you all! We are all happy and excited to meet the new member of the family :)