Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleaning my husband's closet

I am off to work every weekends and this weekend, one of my chore was to  clean my husband's closet. I told him that I will get rid of his old scrubs that he is not using anymore because they are just taking space in his closet.

He told me not to throw his cherokee nursing uniforms because those are his favorites. I like those scrubs for him too because they last longer compare to his other scrubs. Aside from that, they are also affordable and stylish compare to other brands. In the rehabilitation where he is working at, they don't have to wear the same color of scrub or style of scrub suit as a uniform, which I think is much better so they have the freedom to choose and wear what they want.

After cleaning his closet, I put all his scrubs that he don't want to use any more in a box. We are thinking of donating them to Goodwill so other people could use them. Those scrubs that we will be donating are still wearable, we just want to donate them so my husband has more space for new scrub uniforms.

If you want to buy scrub uniforms for women online, I suggest you check out this website They sell affordable and good quality scrubs that you will surely like. By the way, this link was suggested to me by my husband's sister who is also a nurse.

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