Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where to buy plus size clothing

We have this regular customer at work which I admire because even though she is a plus size woman with 2 kids, she dresses up pretty good. Most of her clothes are fashionable which makes her look younger and not so big. One time, during my breaktime, I couldn't stop myself to ask her on where does she buy her clothes. She said that she normally shop online. And I was like " Really? Because I do too!" She told me that she goes to where she buys plus size clothes. When I got home, I went to visit the website she told me and there I found the clothes that she was wearing that day.

The website sells variety of clothing mostly for plus size women. I was actually surprise how affordable prices they have and there I thought that our customer was wearing expensive branded clothes. The website is actually not just for plus size women because they also sell shoes, fragrances and jewelry for men and women. I enjoyed browsing the website specially the shoe section and probably I would purchase a pair of shoes for myself this coming week.

I am not a plus size woman but I am glad to discover this website because at least I know now on where to buy fashionable clothing for my plus size friends. So, the next time I see our customer, I'll thank her for shring this website to me.

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