Monday, August 22, 2011

Box full of goodies

I am thinking of sending a Balikbayan box (box full of goodies) to my family in the Philippines next month. So, every week or every time I have the extra money, I go to the mall and store to buy somethings that I can put in the box. I already bought shoes for everyone, for my mom and dad, my sisters, my nephew and for our housekeeper. I know all their shoe sizes and their like so I never had a hard time looking for shoes for them.

Last night, I web chat with them and showed them all shoes I bought and they were all so happy and excited to have them. I also asked them on what else do they want me to buy for them. My sisters want tanks and camis because the weather in the Philippines is too hot. I told them that I already knew the perfect store where I could get them. My mom wahts an outfit that will match the shoes I got for her while my dad wants new socks and denim shorts. Aside from those, I am also thinking of sending them chocolates, perfumes and purses, but, I will not going to tell it to them as I want to surprise them :)

Oh! I wish I could see their reactions as soon as they opened the Balikbayan box that I will be sending.

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