Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Native American husband

Indiana is a flat plain except that there are some little hills or what they called "mounds". Mounds are a place where Native Americans lived or were buried. How did I know about this? Every time that my husband and I go for a ride, he will point to me every mound he sees and tells me a little bit of something about Native American Culture and tribes.

My husband is part Native American, Caucasian and German. He got his Native American descent on his mother's side and you can actually tell that he is part Native American by looking at his facial bone structure. He told me that there are several Native American Tribes and his mom's tribe was Sioux.

He has always been proud to be part Native American which explains why we have some dolls and figures of Native American. We also have this huge dream catcher and a small one for our baby's room. He also has this big tattoo of Native American Arm Band on his right arm which I really like.

There are so many facts and information that interest me about Native Americans and their tribes. I am glad that my husband has knowledge about it though and he always shares it with me. I keep telling him that I wish I could see a real Native Tribe and a full blooded Native Americans.

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