Friday, July 22, 2011

6 month pregnant

I am now exactly 6 month pregnant :D On my last appointment, they said that so far I gained 13 lbs which is not bad although I feel like my belly is big for a six month pregnant woman hehe. So far, my pregnancy is doing great. I don't feel nauseated, sick and dizzy. My blood pressure is good and as well as my pee test results (they didn't see any bacteria) and my vision is still the same.

Next month, I will going to have GD (Gestational Diabetes) test. They want to see how much sugar I have to avoid having GD. I will also going to have another ultrasound to make sure that the baby is really negative in Hydronephrosis. We are hoping that everything will turn out good and through the rest of my pregnancy and delivery. Oh! I can't wait to see my baby again moving in belly :D

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  1. Wow! You're getting close, 3 more months...Is it a baby boy or a girl? I'm only in my 13 weeks and it seems like the day is so slow,,,haha. Anyway, I hope everything is fine and I wish you a healthy pregnancy.