Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another car decision making

My husband was impressed at the recent car purchased I made. He said that I made the right decision in buying the car, but of course, I told him that his dad helped me in checking the engine of the car to make sure that everything worked great. The car I have chosen to buy is a Saturn. Aside from the fact that my car looks decent, another reason why I like it is because it is a fuel efficient car. As the gas fuel increases everyday, I think having a car that is good on gas is something we should consider in these times.

Next year, we might buy another vehicle, but this time, it is my husband's turn to have a new one. Right now, he has a Dodge truck. He loves his truck but there are times that we keep on spending money for its transmission problem which is expensive to fix. We don't want to give up on his truck because it is something we want to keep. When we are sometimes in doubt on how to fix our car problem, we seek information through This website is very useful because we can read manufacturer recalls and reported problems.

So far, my husband and I are still undecided if wether we will just sell our truck and buy a new vehicle or we will just keep the truck and buy another vehicle. Well, we still have a year to think about it but as much as possible, I would rather keep the truck and just buy another vehicle.

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  1. Hi, it's been a while since I visited. How are you? But WOW! What a big decision to make! Buying a car can be the most challenging decision. Isn't always great to have help like a father in law? I hope your Saturn gives you years of great service. I hear that they are good cars. Will visit sooner next time! Ciao!