Thursday, July 7, 2011

Father and Son

I am so happy that my husband is now having fun watching our son while I am at work. It used to be just me watching our son but now, he watches Zac while I am at work. My husband told me that it is fun being with Zac and I was happy to hear to hear that from him. Not all dads has the temper and patient in watching a toddler and I understand why. But for me, every parent,wether the mother or the father, should always spend time to their growing kids.

Time fly so fast and if you don't spend time with with your kids then you as a parent is missing the most wonderful moment in your life. I believe that being a parent is not just providing their kids needs (food, clothing etc.), it is also about raising your kids, teaching them things they need to know and molding them to be a good person.

I love watrching my two boys laughing and tickling each other. Sooner I will going to have 3 boys. Yay!

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