Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beginner in Couponing

I like watching the show "Extreme Couponing" on TLC because it amazes me how those people take couponing so seriously that it takes them hours and hours of their time in cutting and collecting coupons. All their time and effort are worthy it anyway because they save bunches of money plus they get freebies.

Yes, I wanna be like one of them. I also want to save money in grociries that is why I like watching that show and I like talking to my friends who do the couponing. They inspire me, give me tips, they tell me on what's on sale and they make me want to save more hehe.

I am a beginner in couponing and to tell you the truth, I have this feeling of being terrified in using coupons and getting stuff for free in stores. I received this coupon from John Frieda two months ago which I could get FREE foam hair color for not more than $12.99 of value. And yes! It only took me yesterday to had the courage to go to the store and get my free hair color lol! Together with that coupon is another coupon I got from Walmart that doesn't have any expiration date. It is a free tub of Parent's choice diaper wipes. I got it from the hospital when I gave birth to my first son Zac which was a year and half ago lol!

After I got those freebies from the store, I felt to happy because I couldn't believe that I really could get stuff for free!! Now, I am thinking of saving, cutting and organizing coupons from newspapers. I actually have coupons already but I haven't had any time of cutting them. But later tonight, I will cut them and organize them and I'll start using coupons now everytime I shop. My experience from yesterday gave me a little bit more of a courage to shop with coupons and I hope that someday I would be like one of those people I watch on Extreme Couponing hehe.

Thank You John Frieda and Walmart for my freebies!

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